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  1. tnenad

    How to accept payment for research chemicals??

    make them a guide and post on your topic/site/whatever...
  2. tnenad

    [JV] Huge profits involved if you can send mass e-mails

    How big is that email list?
  3. tnenad

    Anyone mining bitcoins?

    The hash rate matters, not the price. You need to calculate the power costs too. You need fans,power supply (800-1000W). With a 6990 you can make 0.05BTC/24h. However google fpga, asic. is it that hard?
  4. tnenad

    [SEO] .net or the prefix?

    What would you choose: (explanation would be nice) or
  5. tnenad

    Noob Method To Making Money With Video Games

    What about Runescape botting?
  6. tnenad

    WP classified based on listing/article

    I want to make a WP site with phone specifications (Similar to amazon, without buying; just specification) What I want, to let users create classified based on the product (article), so the classifieds would be below the article. Do you saw something like this somewhere? Is there an existing...
  7. tnenad

    Making Money from Streaming Video

    No TV card Ustream, Justintv
  8. tnenad

    Your site is vulnerable

    I think that all of you got me wrong :\
  9. tnenad

    Your site is vulnerable

    It's not about my website. I posted it as a general question.
  10. tnenad

    Your site is vulnerable

    My point was NOT in the type of vulnerability...
  11. tnenad

    Your site is vulnerable

    What would you do if you receive an email (not a spammy one) that says that your site is vulnerable to SQLi/RFI/XSS... ?
  12. tnenad

    Need a person to add posts to my site, it's nearly Copy & Paste.

    I can do it for $6 per hour.
  13. tnenad

    Need advice aboute use Paysafecards

    Try However I didn't used them, so it's your own risk.
  14. tnenad

    energy drinks

    For which country?
  15. tnenad

    Fiverr's new revenue card

    It's only for top rated sellers (currently?)
  16. tnenad

    What is a good way to make money online with no investment required?

    Just start a blogspot and write. Do not cheat, do not spin, do not steal, just write and wait.
  17. tnenad

    i made my first 150$ clicking my own adsense ads

    First and last.
  18. tnenad Registration OPEN!!

    It's gone? Site screenshot:
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