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    What is the world's fastest web hosting provider?

    Website response time is important and so is technical support response time. Both should be minimal. My site's response time is currently 176 ms. This is fast. Support: phone: 3 seconds - email ticketing system: 5 minutes. This is also fast. And that's not all because the company resolves any...
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    are you willing to pay U$ 1.5 for unlimited hosting or U$3 for resellers monthly

    To be honest, your offer doesn't sound very reliable. For those interested in reseller hosting I would recommend the free reseller program of ResellersPanel. I have been one of their resellers for 3 years now and I currently have 55 customers and almost zero cancellation rate which indicates the...
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    Hostgator is terrible. Can anyone recommend a good web host?

    I know - I know - this is reply number??? Anyway, better late than never so here we go. Let me first say that I have no experience with Host Gator but a lot of experience with other bad hosting providers. That happened a few years ago. Since 2010 I'm hosting with Linux Hosts Ltd. ( see the...
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    Need some help booting my google ranking i do not know where to start

    Google SEO basics are simple but you have to start doing it correct from the very beginning. Starting now is a little bit late (your domain is 3 years old), but, better late than never. You should first register a domain name for 5 years. Less that 5 years is considered by Google as spam...
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    Amazing 7 – Best Free Hosting Providers

    Thanks Nonin for this extensive investigation on free web hosting services. However, because of search engine rankings, I doubt if free hosting is a good idea if you're doing business online. As you can read on the /free-services page of "We Love Our Host" these services can make your site...
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