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  1. Tipitip

    [Motivation Thread] Making money with Rank and Rent in 2022

    How many blog posts do you recommend? If your niche is roofing, do you only focus on blog posts about roofing or do you also include blog posts about the city? Do you use Silo structure on your sites? What tool would you prefer for competitor search, keyword and backlink analysis besides...
  2. Tipitip

    Scaling local digital real estate to $10,000/month

    What tool do you use for keyword and competitor research? Do you charge the business per lead or fixed monthly rate? What is the most common questions businesses ask you when you cold call? Do you rent one site out to multiple businesses or one business per website? What advice would you...
  3. Tipitip

    Black Friday 2023 Official Thread!

    Great deals thank you
  4. Tipitip

    Journey to Rank and Rent services site

    What is the length of your blog posts?
  5. Tipitip

    Middle Cost Investment With Good ROI in Real Life

    Does the mall charge you a monthly fixed rate or take fee from each sale?
  6. Tipitip

    How to find Affiliate Programs that don't have much requirements?

    You are better off searching for what product you want to advertise and visit the brand’s website to see if they have any kind of affiliate program.
  7. Tipitip

    If your into ai read this news article very interesting

    It’s a paid article
  8. Tipitip

    [JV] Your ebay store + My product

    What kind of product?
  9. Tipitip

    [JV] Sell our IPTV service and earn commissions!

    Can I get a link to your website
  10. Tipitip

    2nd Blogging Journey - Translated Content

    Good luck with your journey
  11. Tipitip

    Multiplayer Card Game Development

    Thank you for all the insightful comments. I never heard of MVP and learning that AirBnb and Foursquare used this method to start off is really interesting. I will research more about this. As far as I understood It will take me years to build one without knowledge of coding. Because there...
  12. Tipitip

    Multiplayer Card Game Development

    I want to create a multiplayer card game where users can join tables/rooms (ex. Zynga Poker) to compete and play with each other. I have no app or game development experience. Is there any beginner friendly software to create card game app from scratch? How much would it cost to hire a...
  13. Tipitip

    What do you think about this property?

    I like the website, thank you for the recommendation.
  14. Tipitip

    Jarvis ai - anyone used ? how is your content ranking?

    Everyone has different results with Jarvi. Assuming it works, because some people here are seeing good results. The ones that are not seeing any results might be doing something wrong.
  15. Tipitip

    Jarvis ai - anyone used ? how is your content ranking?

    Are you taking time to SEO optimize it and keyword search?
  16. Tipitip

    Does username matter on Redbubble? Name+number bad?

    Does it really matter if your name doesn’t contain “anime” and you’re going to share artwork related to anime?
  17. Tipitip

    Vegetarians: what do you think of mcplant burgers?

    I prefer real vegetable burgers over any above and beyond meat.
  18. Tipitip

    How I made 20x ROI in 11 days selling a domain name

    Yes, you learn over time, like everything else. I’m not new to purchasing domains and it took me lots of time and fails to be able to pick the right domains to sell. I still wouldn’t call myself a pro or anything like that and I believe I still have lots to learn. At this point it has also...
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