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    Cryptocurrency Skype Group

    hey very interested in this. Would love to join! skype: flinndolman
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    [Require] Android Developer (Work Together)

    Hi capripio I have an idea for an app that I think could be very successful. It would be pretty complex but I do have an idea in my head of the sort of algorithms that could be used. PM me if your interested and ill PM you back with my Skype. Regards, FlinnD
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    Journey to £5 A Day With

    hmmm looks like an interesting site. Shame there isnt enough of a margin to outsource the work and make decent money.
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    How to make 5$ a day??

    Stick up a fiverr gig and say you will create video ads or review videos for peoples products.
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    [JV] I have a fb page with over 100000 likes. I need someone to monetize it.

    Based on your description I think I have a few ways. Would like to see the page though just to be sure. PM me with link please! Regards, FlinnD
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    Logo designer here can do logos , stationary , biz cards looking for jv

    Can Find you clients for sure plenty lined up PM me for negotiations.
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    Looking for someone who owns .EDU domains. Potentially massive money spinner.

    Hi I'm looking for someone who can provide .Edu domains. Several are preferable but one is acceptable. This is an idea that could net a serious amount of money so PM me if you meet these conditions. Regards, FlinnD
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    The hoplink iframed by a real domain changed to another one!!!

    someone probs used xss to inject code that redirected thru their affil link instead of urs using a similar username to limit suspiscion pretty clever really!
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    Help me. I'm begging.

    Take the money you made from sharecash and be creative with it. youve been creative in the pasti see no reason why you cant see decent roi now.
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    Pinterest provides more value than facebook for marketers

    Not a massive surprise. As the number of people using a service goes up the kind of users will become more uniformly distributed. pinterest as stated in the first post is dominated largely by fairly wealthy females. If it continues to grow i would expect it to become more uniformly distributed...
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    Do the majority of celebrities buying instagram followers?

    I can see it for up and coming celebrities to catalyse exposure but apart from that it seems unlikely it could just be weird fans buying bots for their fave celebrity.
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    Poker bots are scams?

    It could be a reality dependant on how much money you have. eg if i had 100k then it might be worth pumping it into a site like innocentive to get some genius to code one for me (that site is full of clever peeps) otherwise its not worth your time.
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    Best CPA network with German/Austrian offers?

    wowtrk has a couple of these maybe try that. good luck anyway :)
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    How to prevent writer to know your keyword?

    make him sign a legally binding contract. or alternatively dont get so paranoid because if hes a writer his specialities are less likely to be in seo and prehaps consider that not everyone is dishonest.
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    Anyone use wpXtube ?

    hmmm you have sparked my curiosity will try it then report back.
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    How can I get traffic to my local business?

    You are essentially a tech company. Use social media platforms that require creativity to use effectively but reward well and im sure you will be fine
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    How to get traffic from stumble upon?

    use videos or pictures rather than massive blocks of text. These kind of forms of media will help improve your retention rate based on the demographic of stumble upon. think viral nova kind of stuff.
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    yeah defo only enabled for US i live in UK and it doesnt work atm :( oh well time to get snapchat list builidng :)
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    Looking to buy Facebook viral traffic (mobile)

    hmmm may be able to help. Will see what I can do. If I think its feasible will PM you.
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    I need 10k youtube views

    yeah im also up for banning a video for free ;) dude if you are gonna mess with YT you should be very careful. Use Traffic Exchange or only boost yourself <301.
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