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  1. InternetVikings

    What format should I send the guest post?

    Send them a word document with the text and the links already there. Also send with a meta title and meta description that they have to add to the post afterwards.
  2. InternetVikings

    Question about backlinks

    If you don't have the no follow attribute in the code then it is a do follow link
  3. InternetVikings

    How to insert my site to Alexa rank

    During how long time? Also a visitor have to have the Alexa toolbar for it to count and many people don't have it. Why is Alexa ranking important for you?
  4. InternetVikings

    Wordpress Meta tags?

    You can find many plugins for WordPress that can help you with it. Yoast is probably one of the most common.
  5. InternetVikings

    Best SEO software to check latest indexed links

    I would suggest for you to try out LinkAssistant
  6. InternetVikings

    On-page optimization

    Hi I would suggest for you to check out Yoast SEO blog to start with: Good luck
  7. InternetVikings

    Is there a tool to check links to expired domains

    You can check out this site for expired domains. They also show you some relevant data for each domain: and also here you can get at lot of help Good luck
  8. InternetVikings

    How to do SEO Step By Step ?

    Hi I would suggest for you to check this SEO guide by Yoast:
  9. InternetVikings

    Whats the best graphic design program?

    If you would like 3D, I would suggest for you to check out Daz (
  10. InternetVikings

    Best tool to analize backlinks

    If you don´t mind downloading a software i would suggest for you LinkAssistant Good luck
  11. InternetVikings

    How do I get International traffic?

    Hi You should only use human translations for a any content you want to explore online for many reasons. For example SEO purpose and also when people visit the site and they see that the translation is not correct, you will probably lose the visitors and that is not good.
  12. InternetVikings

    How to rank a blog in Google?

    First of all, your blog have to have quality content, a good amount of indexed pages, onpage SEO, off-page seo (backlinks) and more. To build a blog takes a lot of time and you have to look at it long term. Good luck
  13. InternetVikings

    Guest Posting

    In what nisch? Guest blogs must be relevant and both on the blog you want to post your blog post on but also for the site you want the post to link to. If not it can get spammy. Natural content and links are critical. Good luck
  14. InternetVikings

    any tool to check the which link is do-follow and no- follow

    Try this one
  15. InternetVikings

    SEO issue

    What PA, DA and TF does their sites have? How do they link to the new article from inside their site. Do they publish links to the article in other forums, such as social networks, Twitter etc? Do they both have long tail and short tail key words and so on? A lot of factors decide how a page get...
  16. InternetVikings

    Should I buy backlinks now ?

    Better to buy less links but from quality sites. Links from weak sites can harm you r site. How many? Hard to say.
  17. InternetVikings

    Should I buy backlinks now ?

    At least wait until all your pages are indexed by Google. But buy links wisely and slowly. Good luck
  18. InternetVikings

    How important is indexing?

    Better to do it the organic way. Let Google handle it.
  19. InternetVikings

    Nice Theme for Blogging

    Elegant Themes have plenty of nice blog themes. But why do you want to change from Divi?
  20. InternetVikings

    Is this how I get a good backlink?

    Most of the time the blog owner or webmaster is happy to write the post for you for an additional fee. That may be a good idea for you if you find high quality blogs that offer guest blogging. Good luck
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