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    Light's Human Intelligence *Q & A* - Powered by Deathnote Engines (and a lot Va's ^_^ )

    Hi here is my Id from Sept 19. Can you give me an update is the work done? If so send a report please? If not when will it be complete? I have PMed you yesterday. Thanks (Unique Transaction ID9KJ76156969962743)
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    malware hacks

    hostgater looking into it now, I will check the plugins thanks mrankin
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    malware hacks

    thanks d4pp3r I\ll check that now
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    malware hacks

    Hi, I don't know where to put this post. I have been repeatedly hacked by .ru sites putting malware on my wp sites over the past few weeks. Can anyone suggest how I can prevent this from continuing? Thanks...
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    Build A $5,000+ A Month Consulting Business

    Redhill, Thanks Redhill for all your advice with this thread I really appreciate it. Also thanks to dotcomedesigns and others for creating a great thread for learning. I have a few questions 1. about the website part of the WSO, are you still using this (a none specific one with a...
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    Let's Reverse Engineer "Frank Kern"

    The reluctant hero...that is the roll kerns plays. he says it himself. This is a very calculated persona which really makes people say, "hey I want to be just like that". The kerns that you see is a character invented to sell shit. That character connects on many levels for just about everyone...
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    Avoiding google BAN

    My strategy is to do what a human can do, for me any more is a red flag and eventually the big G may take notice.
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    increasing sdwords billing limit, Help.

    Hi, I've just had some success with an aff. offer using adwords. I'd like to spend more on PPC but I don't have the cash flow. If I could get 45 days to pay G, so I get paid by the aff. company first, I could really work this. Any suggestions on how to get google to wait 45 days before taking...
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    Mobile Web Sites - What are they good for?

    Thanks dirt bag, I'll check it out. I think I understand now, great!
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    Mobile Web Sites - What are they good for?

    Hey master of money, so the code detects that the device is a smartphone and not a PC and serves up the mobile version? is that correct?
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    Mobile Web Sites - What are they good for?

    Thanks. I'm starting to understand Dirtbag. is this right? 1. someone on smart phone searches google 2. when they see the link to my site it auto-redirect to Does Google do the auto-redirect to or me?
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    Mobile Web Sites - What are they good for?

    Hi, If this thread is in wrong place please move. I have just been asked by a client to create a mobile web site for them. Like I have completed alot of seo and ranking for them and they are on page one for relevant terms, the site on page one is not
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    Awesome New Online Keyword Tool! - Check It Out Now!

    I got the fatal error when I entered puppy
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    [FREE] Submit Your Website to 2500 Directories.

    works for me. great share.
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    Seo for russian and china search engines

    Hi, Thanks for the help folks. I'm gonna spend some time in the next two weeks looking at this subject, if I get any new info I'll post it here.
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    Seo for russian and china search engines

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to go about getting rankings for other languages in serps, like and so forth. I just did some work for a client and they now want to be ranking for keywords in other languages and I don't even know where to begin with that? Any help would be...
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    Try this!

    my outsourcer who reads for me could red it. LOL :)
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    Harry Potter 7-1 DH was pretty good.

    I'm going this weekend, looking forward to it.
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    206 PR4 Autoapprove **************** list

    I have tried a few and once the comments go past page 1 you lose the PR. So, most link you can comment on, don't have the PR 4 now.
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    Pro Cold Caller offering advice. QnA Thread

    great thread guys, i'm taking notes.
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