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  1. Kraad

    Can you give me advice on my tiktok Ti

    So far, from what I observed, TikTok is half content quality and half luck. They have periods of stats checking and different tiers. So if your video's stats passed the first tier, it'll be promoted to the next tier with more chances for users to watch your video. So during the first tier, if...
  2. Kraad

    A question about adult affiliate networks

    Adverten all the way. CrakRevenue WAS awesome. But the quality of the AMs dwindled a lot.
  3. Kraad and are different?

    I was about to say a 301 redirect but I guess everybody's doing that now. There's also an option to do this in the settings if it's a Wordpress site.
  4. Kraad

    PayPal Cuts Ties With PornHub

    Hopefully not that far. If Bitcoin does better, we may see widespread use within 5 years.
  5. Kraad

    FREE Do-Follow Contextual Backlinks on ArtStation DA87

    Awesome find! Thanks for sharing. I hope they don't get stricter now that this has been published. :P
  6. Kraad

    Whats your best moment in your IM career?

    Proudest moment would've been when my business started earning money enough to cover monthly expenses. That's when I realized all the sleepless nights was worth it. It's all happened to everyone who had some measure of success. You keep hammering and grinding daily but it's always a question...
  7. Kraad

    is it ok to rank/target for such keywords ?

    Those are amazing keywords, actually. I'd say rank and bank.
  8. Kraad

    Another Porn Reuploading Journey to $100 per day[Already Earning]

    WOW! So porn reuploading still works wonders today. That is reassuring to know. I'm doing adult marketing using social media at the moment with some twists of course and porn reuploading is next on my list to try. I hope we can pick each other's brain sometime. Probably down the line when I'm...
  9. Kraad

    [Journey] Picking myself up from ROCK BOTTOM and building my way up

    Man, you are leagues away from me when I was your age. From 19-21, I was as dumb as a rock, always getting in trouble, and no money to my name. Came from a country where earning money from IM means you're a magician so only discovered the whole thing later on in life. What a great journey! What...
  10. Kraad

    [JOURNEY FINISHED, Q&A inside] PART 2: Dropshipping Journey to a Consistent $10k per Month

    Just bookmarked the part 1. Will digest everything there later when I wake up so my brain is fresh. Right now, we're both pretty tired. :D Same thing here on part 2, I'll read, take notes, and participate in the discussion! :)
  11. Kraad

    Dropshipping Journey to $100 per Day (COMPLETED 10/02/2019)

    Posting to bookmark! I'm in the dropshipping space too and quite frankly, while I am confident at promoting in various social media platforms, I am a total idiot when it comes to web dev, maintaining a website, etc. I'll digest every single page here! :)
  12. Kraad

    Getting frustrated with Chaturbate Revshare

    I'm not sure how successful it would be but I'm experimenting on doing social media > Chaturbate and other monetization methods. This thread, while originally a rant, is still inspirational. Just seeing you and other people with your results is plenty fuel for newbs like me to keep going! :D
  13. Kraad

    Journey to 1 million visits per month [ADULT TUBE]

    Very inspirational thread! I love how you just power through the bad times and just trust in the work you do while improving things continuously. Kudos, brother! And this is what a journey should look like, imo. I'm sorry to hear about the court stuff. Wishing you all the luck in the world...
  14. Kraad

    How long did it take you to write well

    3 months and I can already write decently. But I still can't write good stuff (at least for me). What helped was practicing an hour a day. Been doing so for a year now. Carve out time in a day where you will sit down, no distractions, and write whatever comes to mind.
  15. Kraad

    Don't make the mistake I made

    This is like a reminding punch in the face for me. And thank you for punching me! I've been contemplating about this for quite a while now but because of your experience, I've finally started a project -- making sure all my sh*t is backed up. Just bought an external HDD. :D
  16. Kraad

    [Updated Daily] Learn a NEW word EVERY day

    This is an awesome thread you started @ContentExpert I'm aiming to improve my vocabulary and this would greatly help. Following! :)
  17. Kraad

    What should I go study if I'm interested in IM/Web business?

    I'd recommend starting with web development courses and design skills. Then move on to full execution -- in this business, experience will teach you way better than anybody claiming to be a master.
  18. Kraad

    DropshipDave’s Expert Dropshipping Setup | Shopify / Woocommerce | Premium Theme

    Hey dave! Sent you a PM. Tried adding you on Skype but I can't seem to search for you. Looking to order a few Shopify stores. :D
  19. Kraad

    My Adult Niche Site Journey

    Good luck man and this is a really nice change of pace! Most of the adult-related journies I read here has something to do with porn reuploading + affiliate. It's great to see a different one! Following! :)
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