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    Amazon Affiliate Tracking based on Referrer?

    Hi. Anyone know how I can change my affiliate link (e.g. amazon affiliate link) based on a Referrer? Normal Affiliate Link displayed on the site: If the visitor comes from Bing Ads, display the following affiliate link on site: Why...
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    >>> Article Forge <<< Get UNLIMITED Unique Content in Under 30 Seconds! >>> FREE TRIAL!!! <<<

    Artificial_genius I sent you a PM yesterday. Does the software produce readable german content? If so, can you please send me a sample of a german text? Thanks in advance.
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    100% Content Automation [Looks Human-Written & Passes Copyscape] intelligent software

    Hi irmscher. I sent you a PM. Does the software produce readable german content? If so, can you please send me a sample of a german text?
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    Explode Your YouTube Channel With Real Subscribers and 1,000’s of Real Views

    How can I buy it? Please send me the link through PM. Thanks.
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    Wordpress Fake Comment Creator Plugin

    link is not working. can you reup please?
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    [PBN] Money sites penalized, PBN up and running?!

    Well I don't have any facts other than the "link manipulation" penalty from GWT. - Content: I only used unique content with images, properly formatted, heavily diversified anchors. - Links: 90% PBN's, 10% links from forum posts, 1-2 web catalogues... nothing spammy or automated.
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    [PBN] Money sites penalized, PBN up and running?!

    Thanks for the quick reply. Exactly what I'm thinking. I removed all the posts already and will use the PBN's only for new projects that aren't associated with the penalized sites. I'm waiting for some more people to respond, but I think it will come down to testing this myself. Penalty...
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    [PBN] Money sites penalized, PBN up and running?!

    Hi. Some of my money sites were hit with a manual penalty two weeks ago. However Big G didn't penalize or deindex the PBN properties. I got some pretty good domains in there and could use that PBN for new projects. Would you recommend to still use those PBN sites for other projects? If you...
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    Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro v3 - New Lower Price + 20% off - Find Expired Domains

    Please send me the coupon for the trial version. Thanks
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    Experiences with Manual Penalties for "Thin content"

    Thanks for the reply Knasper. I just sent the reconsideration request 10 minutes ago. It would be a waste of time to list all the things I changed on the site right now, because I don't know if the penalty gets removed. I'll definitely update this thread once I get an answer. Any updates on...
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    Experiences with Manual Penalties for "Thin content"

    A german site of mine got hit with a manual penalty for "thin content" (according to GWT). The penalty effected the whole site. Some more details: - All sites are still indexed and bouncing around in the SERPS between positions 40-60. - Most of my content is LSI optimized and gives the visitor...
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    Expired Domains with PR8 Backlink

    3 different Expired Domains have a backlink from the big PR 8 authority.
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    Expired Domains with PR8 Backlink

    Just found 3 expired domains on a PR8 Domain (CF/TF around 70 and Ahrefs URL Rank 83, Inner Pages PR4). The downside is that each one has only like 1-3 backlinks in total. Would you rather use the expired domains in your PBN or 301 them to a money site? Would love to hear your suggestions, thanks.
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    CDN and Private Network

    I read that a lot of you guys are using a CDN like CloudFlare on your PBN. I couldn't figure out the advantages, besides having diversified nameservers and therefore minimizing the footprints. Someone please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.
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    Scrapebox - Extract all external links from all the pages

    From my point of view in Scrapebox you need to have all the internal links of a site first. Then you put them into the link extractor to get all the external links. A possible solution for you is Xenu Link Sleuth. It's a free software that crawls the whole site automatically and checks the...
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    Windows VPS as low as $6.95 / 1GB / Unlimited Transit! 20% Discount

    I got the "Windows 1GB Vps". So far so good! Had a minor issue today and the support contacted me within 5 minutes. Very good and fast support so far.
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    Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Private Reseller Panel

    Interesting stuff. PM me the panel please.
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    Wordpress Redirect Plugin (forgot the name)

    Yeah "link juice keeper". That's it....I couldn't find it :rolleyes:. I'll also have a look at those other 2 plugins. Thanks to both of you!
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