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  1. bz

    SSM Panels REVEALED!!!

    I gotta stop talking to my food before I eat it. All that salt, and still under seasoned.
  2. bz

    SSM Panels REVEALED!!!

    This just in, The Middle East is not Southern Asia. Oh wait, that happened like thousands of years ago. You still didn't explain why you're here. You're on Blackhatworld, talking about snitching out methods and returning YT to some glorious past that never existed. Do you not see how that's an...
  3. bz

    SSM Panels REVEALED!!!

    How about your strange obsession with people being Indian, non-native English speakers not being fluent, categorizing an entire ethnicity as having ego issues, and the other weird shit. Don't play coy, you know exactly what you were doing. Surprise, global communication means being patient...
  4. bz

    SSM Panels REVEALED!!!

    On Blackhatworld talking about returning YT to a state it never existed in. You can be a fool all day, but one more even slightly racist statement and you're gone.
  5. bz

    The pussification of BHW

    aaaaand thread closed. Just another potentially beneficial and enlightening thread that people can't help but turn into petty bickering. Which is a good example of one of the core issues with any community, the internet, and society at large. As more people get access the signal increases, which...
  6. bz

    Who is Supreme Bot Builder?

    We're gonna be getting rid of these people here... First, Mr. Supreme Naga... Naga... Naga... Not gonna work here anymore, anyway. Thread closed, but not deleting it for posterity.
  7. bz

    #Shootings in Munich - Several Deads

    Thread closed due to the usual vitriolic bullshit.
  8. bz

    WF and Others have This - Why not BHW???

    None of that material is hosted by us, and we dutifully respond to legitimate takedown notices for the links contained therein. The OP topic isn't a legal issue, it's far more nebulous and complicated than that.
  9. bz

    WF and Others have This - Why not BHW???

    How about not flooding DD with messages. Posting your thoughts in this section is plenty enough to get our attention. There could be a return of this section to the public, but that's on the backburner while we complete our rollout onto the new platform. You can't even articulate why we had to...
  10. bz

    Police insanity in Dallas.

    Locking thread before it goes off the rails.
  11. bz

    I'm going to start reviewing every content BST

    Whatever that may be? Way to feign to modesty to then present your own importance, to then follow it up with persecution bias. You're the typical guru with a fostered narcissistic personality disorder. You don't do anything from an altruistic perspective, it's all done to build your brand and...
  12. bz

    I'm going to start reviewing every content BST

    Man, you're sticking to the guru playbook like the cure is in it. It's almost like I've seen this exact same tactic before. I give this thread a WinScore of 1.
  13. bz

    SMM Reseller Panel | API - IG Followers 0.9$ | Likes 0.40$,TW 0.75$, FB 5$ ,YT Views 0.40$, SC 0.10$

    I'm suspending the thread until Iamtheman either delivers your missing orders, or reimburses you for them. Thread will remain open for commenting.
  14. bz

    Going Homeless.

    People are picking on you because you're full of shit. You know I can see where you post from, right? Right through the proxies and all. You earned the ban. For those that pm'd this chump offering jobs, jv's, moral support: You're good people, but some healthy skepticism is a must.
  15. bz

    Signature removed by Mod - please read the rules regarding acceptable signatures and make the proper

    There's a link to these rules in the bottom right of the footer. Signatures are covered in section 5.
  16. bz

    Why are there so many banned members?

    Or, ya know, actually read the rules you agree to when signing up.
  17. bz

    Bhw 2.0 - I get phishing alerts on mobile

    Hey gr33n, not DD but I wanted to jump in real quick. It's very possible that Voda are using some kind of caching dns-based security that hasn't refreshed since we've moved. We definitely aren't doing anything related to phishing, but it could trigger on a malconfigured proxy server as the new...
  18. bz

    The sales thread need update "Thanks" and Today Posts

    When opening a thread that's been updated since you last read it you should always be taken to the latest post.
  19. bz

    Issues Reading threads

    The differences aren't limited to themes, they are also separate platforms and as such there's no viable way to swap back and forth. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and we're still in the process of getting everything back to normal.
  20. bz


    That's being worked on. Hold tight, this is a process. I don't have that level of access.
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