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    SENuke - Site and Software Down??

    not working for me too.
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    [FREE] Get your links crawled 100%

    Wanna join this =) I'll send you a PM in a second, thanks in advance !!!
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    Article Marketing Robot affiliate not working? Cant buy through my own link

    I bought mine thru an affiliate link from a friend. You cannot slit the license cuz simply just one of the 2 guys using it will have full power. I mean it uses same database so basically if someone delete something it will be deleted both side. So Let me know if you want a copy, I can give you...
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    Programming Language Question

    Ok, I'm total newbie into all of the software programing languages. I have experience with php mainly so I need to ask all of you who knows a lot about software development. I want to know Is there a way to figure out what kind of programming language is used for particular software...
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    I made it, first page on google for 2 keywords!!!

    That's great man, congratz and hope to hear that u are makin lots of money soon ;)
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    Does Bookmarking even work anymore?

    im not sure about it anymore, most of the links u get are no follow ... and some people think that its good to have no follow links ... because .. .well simply they are links after all... buut im not so sure abt it
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    zero to 7k per month

    lol great method ... ! Nice job
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    Need a Catchy Name for my New Ebook..

    i think there wont be a problem to have twitter in your domain name ... iknow for a lotz of ppl having it ..
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    when will be my backlinks updated ?

    try to ping your article, usually that helps
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    Yippee, it's my birthday (26)

    Happy B-day Man!
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    Tim Bekker Is A SCAMMER (Whitehat Copycat)

    lol, it's good that you share that .... sorry for you being scammed though ... it really sucks
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    This wont make you rich at first but.

    hehehe, that's good one
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    Are Autoblogs Legal?

    I have heard that also
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    90k to Invest

    you can find tons of ideas some need a lil investment, some more, don't go and invest all of them it it's not for a company or something
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    This might be Stupid but what are the stars under everyone name.

    Don't want to ask that with all that penis talk, lol :D
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    OMFG!! Titanic 2

    :D:D:D nice one :D
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    Im having ebay success!

    Great job ! keep goin and Conratz
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    [] What Song is Stuck in Your Head Right Now?

    Michael Jackson - They Don't Really Care About us Btw, a lot of people start to listen his songs a lot more after his dead ... pretty awful, but he will alway be The King of the Pop
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