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  1. panoet

    Anyone using godaddy hosting here?

    I just registered Deluxe Package at for $4.49/mo. It said : unlimited website unlimited bandwidth unlimited storage But after check their cPanel, there is a limitation on file usage. It have 250.000 files usage limit, and I found that standard wordpress installation take about...
  2. panoet

    Choosing domain provider, any suggest?

    I just drop my choice at namesilo :cow04:
  3. panoet

    Make First 20$ at Clickbank

    Congrat bro and keep it up :)
  4. panoet

    Choosing domain provider, any suggest?

    Just found that coupon :rolleyes: Namesilo, I will check it :cool: Another question, how about registration period. Is it different if I choose 1 year registration instead 2 years? I have heard Google likes domain that registered more than 1 year (I forgot where I heard this statement)...
  5. panoet

    Is .net .org domain still working for SEO?

    Wow, you did great brothers Branding, yeah
  6. panoet

    Choosing domain provider, any suggest?

    I am going to buy some domains to target a global keyword. If I choose to buy that domains at local domain provider here (its cheaper), will it affect my SEO later? I am thinking if Google will check the domain origin and it will be hard to target global keyword using domain registered at local...
  7. panoet

    Is .net .org domain still working for SEO?

    Thanks for all the answers and I think the answer is YES :) Any answers else?
  8. panoet

    Is .net .org domain still working for SEO?

    Just looked around from google at some specific keyword and found the top 10 are mostly .com domain. Is .net .org still working now?
  9. panoet

    Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai

    Is it worth for $17?
  10. panoet

    Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai

    Checked LTP site, is it $47 + $17/mo ?
  11. panoet

    Market Samurai, is it worth to have now?

    What software? Jaaxy, just checked that page and I think its not really expensive. What is the advantage using Jaaxy? Serpiq, checked that and it price same as keywordcanine. I think it must be really good for that price...
  12. panoet

    Market Samurai, is it worth to have now?

    Thanks for the answer, but the trial now has only 12 days. I think the trial version is 12 days now... Will google that stuff :) I will check Traffic Travis. :rolleyes: Market Samurai doesn't have rank tracker in the free version. CMIIW.
  13. panoet

    Market Samurai, is it worth to have now?

    I am still learning SEO and thinking about buying Market Samurai. Is it worth it for now? Thank you in advance and sorry for basic question. I've searched here but didnt found the answer.
  14. panoet

    PayPal Solutions - Send Receive & Withdrawal - Remove Limit from PayPal Easily

    Can you provide VBA for all country? Please PM me, thank you :)
  15. panoet

    Competition is 0 , fastest/best way to outrank?

    I can't help help you since I'm newbie. But I have 1 keyword, low competition, 4million search results, not English keyword. Similar with your keyword right? Something that make me curious, #2 position on my keyword is site with "just another wordpress site" content :eek: I think...
  16. panoet

    Wordpress title in post is considered h1?

    I'm using H1 on my post title, but change the size using CSS. H2 on my post content, change the size using CSS also :)
  17. panoet

    Best linkbuilding service or software

    +1 for :tool:
  18. panoet

    Im going to invest 300$

    Many good ideas here:
  19. panoet

    Waitting for service for more Google+1

    I'm waiting too :D
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