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  1. fun4uoc

    Hello, new member

  2. fun4uoc

    SMS Marketing - Better than ever?? Autoresponder?

    Go fuck yourself and sell your bullshit service somewhere else.
  3. fun4uoc

    The prettiest customer support I've ever seen.

    You need to get out more...
  4. fun4uoc

    Is there any way to do this ?

    This can be done via a GRE tunnel but what is the point in having proxies in the first place if you are just wanting them to look like they are coming from the ip on the server?
  5. fun4uoc

    SCRAPEBOX not working as you might think...

    You don't...
  6. fun4uoc

    I found two black suit guys tracking me now

    Hopefully he will do us all a favor...
  7. fun4uoc

    She cheated on him and he struck back

    Yeah, I think it had a weiner...
  8. fun4uoc

    [BETA TESTERS] CloudLinux Web Hosting

    Yes, I realize that and received the welcome email which stated I could login to the client area. Once I login to the client area, it shows that my service is pending and there is no ftp info mentioned anywhere.
  9. fun4uoc

    which is the best Twitter bot?

    Ban Hammer coming down on Thunderhead in 3...2...1...
  10. fun4uoc

    Is TweetAdder dead???

    Quit spamming your shitty bot on every twitter thread...
  11. fun4uoc

    RIP TweetAdder :(

    Why are you spamming two year old threads???
  12. fun4uoc

    [BETA TESTERS] CloudLinux Web Hosting

    Been almost a week and mine still shows pending
  13. fun4uoc

    [BETA TESTERS] CloudLinux Web Hosting

    Gone already? just tried and the code would not go through
  14. fun4uoc

    What kinda numbers are you guys seeing from online dating?

    How much did she charge???
  15. fun4uoc

    Bot or marketing automation software ideeas to build

    Simple to do in Python
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