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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    Coolest lawyer ive ever met
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    Aaron Kelly just helped me out, seriously man, can't thank you enough cause I simply don't gotta worry about this shit. I learned from my mistake, next time I copy a website, it better be a good one and I better removed the form and analytics on it... LOL JK
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    hey thanks for your input, yeah I am sure since I called his cell phone which is listed everywhere on the net, and he sounds exactly the same in everything I've heard him in, some dude from the UK that's now living in the states and has his own web design company down in South Florida. I just...
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    lol I know that video was hilarious... BTW to those who are all asking why I cloned such a poor website, why I did such a thing and to all the flamers: I SUCK at web design and I find it extremely boring. I really only wanted to do offline things in terms of marketing and the website was just a...
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    Make a realistic $20 to $60 a day method

    After writing like 5 articles, doesn't textbroker rate them and then average them to give you your new placement in content ranking? Which means you have to continuously write with Rank 5 quality, which IMO is a pain in the ass since its so hard to get.
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    I left a form on a page for contacting us, however, the contents of the form would be sent to him, so when I tried to test the form, I sent him information coming from (the website I had up). Definitely learned my lesson, I'll tell you that!
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    Okay so here's all the proof he has against me, in one video, I agree, I am pretty dumb now that I am looking at this haha but entertainment for you all: And he also cited that I infringed upon his copyright with this link...
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    I talked to him and told him I was 19 and my entire case. He just called back after "discussing with his partners" that he will go no less than $300. I simply told him to give this to his lawyer to sort it out and I'll deal with whatever happens. Now I wait and see what really happens. It says...
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    He said the $700 was for the rights to buy the website because they have to REBUILD IT now since I have all their files and supposedly I'm feeding it to file-stealing terrorist goblins. I HAVE ONE QUESTION, because he's making it sound like using HTTRACK is illegal, is it illegal to download...
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    He is in Florida, so I guess he is not allowed to record it? The whois on my domain is inaccurate, however he does have my full name and my legal business name (I own that business, but don't really use it), so pretty much he has my contact info. I deleted the website and everything, he even...
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    Cloned a Website, Now Owner Wants $700 OR Sue Me

    I cloned a website using HTTrack website copier, then just took 2 html files and edited them, put them up. Now this site is my LP for Google Places SEO work, I'm trying to land offline local businesses; however, I simply threw the website up and didn't SEO it at all nor did I try to land any...
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    Fastest way to earn $1000???

    deal drugs I make a $1000 a week
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    how can I punish my competitors??

    stupid trollls
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    Fav motivational movie for making money

    The GodFather series and Wall St. 1
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    economics of Pay Per Download?

    it's the advertisements and if there are none (which I highly doubt on free download servers especially), it's probably to see the inpouring of traffic
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    Make Your First Residual Income! [ZRO INVESTMENT] [NEWBIE FRIENDLY]

    Gonna be almost instantly saturated but this is the type of thinking it requires to make money online!
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    Get free Google Plus invitee

    legendballers33 AT gmail DOT com
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    I need to make $20 a day writing articles.

    10000000% textbroker. I make $30 a day profit on TextBroker alone and I outsource the articles. I use multiple accounts, as I sent in a W-9 form for every member of my family.
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    Google Launches Answer to Facebook - Google Plus

    eff the haters Google FTW
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    [BHW Exclusive] Fake Captcha Script for Zip Submits (Warning: Super Blackhat))

    is there anyway for the actual offer to popout after they click the submit button? Like the iframe maximizes and they are taken to the next page?
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