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    What is the best CMS plugin for WP?

    Afaik,.. Wp = cms
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    Exclusive BHW - My Twisted Autoblog Method - Complete Video Series

    Various sources : - Adsense - Amazon - Chitika - Infolinks But my concern is with the adsense account since it have the biggest slice. More than 2000.
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    Exclusive BHW - My Twisted Autoblog Method - Complete Video Series

    I've been lurking for sometimes. Managed to create several good autoblog. And made a few thousand. I should say thank you to shezboy as the thread starter and all the user who contributed to this thread. My questions is when you reach 2-3 thousand monthly, did we need to split the earnings on...
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    Can you Guys please review my first Autoblog?

    On page SEO Optimization : - For links remove something like "permalink to" in the themes - Since the domain already long and keyword targeted, remove the category in permalink, use only %postname%.html - Use HTML for pages - Bookmark plugins - Navigation in single post (prev next) use in...
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    Damn Autoblog cause shared hosting CPU overload...shit...

    I use reseller alumunium account from HostGa*** One account for 25 autoblog, so far no probs, my daily view each blog vary from 50-1500 ;) You need to install this - db cache - supercache - widgetcache And everything will be fine :D lol
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    Autobloggs need to be CHANGED.

    Okay, let me try this. I've been doing more than 1 years in autoblog and there's no harm to brainstorming. I've PM'd you, I'll share the result here if you ok with that.
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    The correct way to keyword research is...

    below 2-3k is super easy to rank for ? care to elaborate ?
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    Caffeinated Content translation function

    the translation function works like hell, sometimes its not even close to readable, use link back to the original content and use autoblogged or wp robot, cc not works for me
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    Urgent help.

    If the content is in database then you can quick edit it via casual MySQL query and replace if the content is html and you run linux you can try riekal suggestion - using shell for string manipulation Dont try to connect your dreamweaver to the web with that huge of content, you'll find your...
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    [help] 10% CPU Policy

    well for the xml sitemap : - turn off the automatically update xml sitemap if new post is created - then create cron jobs for the xml sitemap what kind of package did you buy ? one hostg*tor reseller can be use for around 20 autoblogs. (wprobot/autoblogged/reviewazon/cc/feedwordpress you name...
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    [help] 10% CPU Policy

    1. It could be you use a lot of plugins 2. check your images sizes etc 3. use the sidebar cache 4. the best way to use the wp robot is vary the time for each keyword to pull the content, eg keyword 1 = 24 hours, keyword 2 = 36 hours etc 5. if you use xml sitemap, check the filesize and the...
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    Shorten articles in wp

    You can use plugins called wp advanced excerpt, and combine it with wp thumbnail for excerpt. You can control the length of excerpt and the tags for it. Thumbnail are created automatically when it found the first images on your post, you can control the size of the images. Have fun templating.
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    Premium Autoblog service with Nice design!

    LoL, I'm not planning to ruin your thread luna ;), It's a support for you. Good luck with the service mate, I'm happy for you :D
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    Premium Autoblog service with Nice design!

    Just an input for you for better services : This is based on 1. I'm able to see your plugins, so cover this before something bad happen 2. Optimize the blogs with in title by using content title first and then domain name the spiders love it. 3. You can combine it with CC and AB...
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    Google indexing and backlinks really quick

    Thanks, I've used it for my old and new domain :D The blog farm is started
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    Problems with wp-o-matic

    Here's the problem of almost all rss aggregator, when the plugins try to grab the feeds content and extract it, basically its analyze the content of the feed from the title, content, encoded content, img etc. Use thumbnail to save images, dont save the actual size. The process will eat a lot...
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    Simple is the best, My autoblog make $1/day from this month?

    The wordpress 2.8+ have different template css for the admin pages. The save panel will be gone if you use the plugins for WP 2.7.1 + The best wordpress version for autoblogged is 2.7.1, 2.7 is kinda slow on the admin panel.
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    How do you guys find your keywords??

    Mine : Collecting google trends rss feeds (one week) Compare it to amazon & shopping dot com top product Analyze the keyword / product in market samurai (SEOT min 200 / SEOC max 20.000 / SEOV around 200-1000) Finding aged domain in freshdrop, if none of them good, buy fresh ones from namecheap...
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    Thinking about web design company

    Actually is a good way to make money, I've been doing my self for past 2 years. I've doing mostly website design based on wordpress / Joomla / some shopping cart like x-cart, magento,PHP my directory etc. Several things I need to share with you, but you probably knew : Timeline : when your...
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