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    Should I learn JavaScript or Python? And which one is Easier To Learn?

    Later in the stage, if you want to dive into Django (Python Web Framework) or Play with APIs, you might need little bit of javascript for making async calls with fetch API etc...
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    Upwork JV: My Upwork Clients + Your Skills

    Hi I Can do Web Scraping, Python, Django related projects along with SEO & DM.
  3. G 2.8m Organic Traffic on a 3 month old website

    good to hear, would have been to use mongodb and python :D and create an API over Django so that you re-use the same thing over most of the websites..
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    ★ A New Content Discovery, Curation & Social Media Management Platform ★

    I have been using ContentStudio from a few weeks and here is my feedback in detail how this platform has helped me in gaining new followers and engaging my audience. One of the coolest features is Automation. Setup your automation campaign against social media pages or blogs and it will...
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    Any reviews/opinions on Social Kickstart?

    I have been using for a while and I am pleased with it. Managing more than 15+ pages for clients and its like a breeze. It has plenty of features and most importantly very responsive support. They have a BST here as well...
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    ★ A New Content Discovery, Curation & Social Media Management Platform ★

    interested in a review copy, need a coupon.
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    My SEO Your Sites!

    let me know your skype
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    My SEO Your Sites!

    i am taking more sites now, but now its not possible to rank in a month, will take 2-3 months for decent rankings
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    RankCipher - new link building tool

    i had same problem when i used the software, but after update i am getting like 90-100 web2.0 profiles
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    RankCipher - new link building tool

    I don't think a software that big will do such cheap tactic. Most desktop applications with enhanced security layers and code encryption face such problems because the antivirus gets confused and thinks it's a virus. And making a software whitelist in all antiviruses is a pain in the a$$ (due to...
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    #1 Elite HIGH RETENTION YouTube Views Supplier NON DROP HQ

    interested in the service, can i have a review copy before diving in?
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    My SEO Your Sites!

    I am looking for interested partners now! .. If you have non english sites your welcome!
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    80% OFF TRUE SSD HOSTING Windows & Linux VPS - 8 Cores CPU - 10 Gigabit Network

    Ordered D4096 Standard VPS Plan. Transaction ID : *********W*17B94X
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    17 y/o Journey from 10$/day to 99$/day with SEO and PPI/CPA

    can you break it down earnings per site?
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    High Authority Domains with Backlinks from Monster sites As Low as $5

    i need the list too.. been looking for a great domain
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    Generic Domain or CC (country code) domain ?

    if you use .org then you need to Change the Geo Target in Webmaster Central ... but if you use its geo targetted and will rank you better in
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    [FREE] Another 10 x $100AUD Adwords codes

    i will take one :)
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    Have a BPO office ? Then Look Here!

    Hello As we all aware of the fact that BPO is over crowded and it is hard to find geniune projects so i thought of creating a Group for all of us to discuz Interested guyz can add me at skype : bpononvoiceguru
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