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  1. Thrashingshrimp

    WPSynIT-BETA - Free Auto Backlinks for Wordpress

    Hey man I really appreciate what you're doing and it sounds great. You think you could send a link over to me? That'd be great. Thanks!
  2. Thrashingshrimp

    1 Yr Old Site Not Ranking?

    True, I'm thinking of doing that now. I'm just wondering how difficult that would be. I use Wordpress, so technically I just need to get my database and download all my files, right? Anyway, I'll give it a few more weeks and if nothing happens, then to hell with Google.
  3. Thrashingshrimp

    which domain registrar wont cheat you?

    InternetBS has been great for me. No auto-renew crap, low prices, simple interface, and free Private Whois forever. Go with them.
  4. Thrashingshrimp

    1 Yr Old Site Not Ranking?

    I'm guessing there is some sort of algorithm rule with Google that is preventing my site from ranking. I sort of feel like starting anew, with a brand new site, but I don't know how well that would work out. I've put so much effort into this site, but it seems like I'm trying to revive a dead...
  5. Thrashingshrimp

    1 Yr Old Site Not Ranking?

    I've done more than blast links. I've added hundreds of high quality links at a right pace. I've contacted Google and they said that there is no manual spam penalty on my site, and that everything looks fine. Googlebot is reaching my site easily (in fact, my new posts get indexed within...
  6. Thrashingshrimp

    1 Yr Old Site Not Ranking?

    Alright, this is really starting to piss me off. I'm guessing Google has put my site on some sort of blacklist or something, without deindexing it. I've tried everything and it's only getting worse somehow.
  7. Thrashingshrimp

    1 Yr Old Site Not Ranking?

    Well, this is peculiar. I have a website that I registered back in May 2010. From then on, until around November, I kept building content and adding links. Eventually I reached the #2 spot on Google and all was good. But then, my crappy hosting went down and took my site along with it (make...
  8. Thrashingshrimp

    [Get] Giving away 6 .info Domains

    I'll take HERBAL-INCENSES.INFO As for my reason, I'll probably test out some autoblogs on it and see how it runs. Anyway, thanks for doing this.
  9. Thrashingshrimp

    Twittering for SEO?

    I wrote my thoughts on this topic on my blog. Feel free to check it out.
  10. Thrashingshrimp


    Eh I know I'm not up for the 8:30 thing, but just wanted to say that it's really cool that you're giving out blasts like this. Makes for a great sales trend that a lot of people should follow. With that said, I'll throw my name into the hat: 10k freebie blast
  11. Thrashingshrimp


    It's slang. I live in Chicago and hear it all the time. It is a little cheesy though.
  12. Thrashingshrimp

    I've 200 Blogs Ready to put online all Completed but i need some advices for monetization

    I'd be wary of using Adsense. When dealing with that many blogs, you never know what Google can do. You could, of course, get multiple accounts, but I don't know how much of an inconvenience that would be for you.
  13. Thrashingshrimp

    I need a person to sandbox a brand new site for me.

    I've got some SB lists that I could pitch in with if you'd like. The more the merrier I suppose. No payment needed of course.
  14. Thrashingshrimp

    problems loading bhw? anyone else ...

    Happening to me too, if it makes you feel any better. Probably some server issues.
  15. Thrashingshrimp

    Got a Smart Phone? Load 1 page, make $2.00

    Submitted an HTC Evo. Will PM you now.
  16. Thrashingshrimp page 1 on Google :) [in 79 days]

    Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but those are pageviews. I find that data like the graph you showed us can become very inaccurate at times, counting the number of times you go on your website, all the spiders and bots that visit your site, all the ref spam you might get, etc. So 5k is a bit...
  17. Thrashingshrimp

    Expert in P2P/Torrents/Warez ?! Quickest 20$ ever!

    What exactly are you looking for in terms of getting more torrent,p2p,warez downloads? Here are some basic pointers which are sure to work: Develop a brand. If you are uploading multiple torrents, and you think your niche is brandable, then thinking of a name that people can remember and...
  18. Thrashingshrimp

    FREE xRumer - Get your FREE backlinks

    Yep OP definitely checks out. He did an amazing and professional job, even better than some paid services (many of which I use). He sent me a sample of 300 or so links, all good quality, and with a good amount of links still intact. He was very fast too. Looking forward to a sales thread.
  19. Thrashingshrimp

    Best Domain :D

    SEO wise it doesn't matter. But .com always comes on top for brand-ability and type-in traffic.
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