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  1. ifwearner

    Professional Graphic Designs Service/ Web development: Logo - Web Designs - Banners - More

    Ordered 4 page wp site design/theme. Thanks
  2. ifwearner

    Seeking Writer For Adult-Themed Content

    I'm looking for a content writer who is comfortable with writing adult-themed content and will do heavy randomization on a bi-weekly basis. I'm not looking to low-ball, each job will pay between $100-$300 depending on the amount of content and randomization completed. Randomization =...
  3. ifwearner

    How to make money with a truck!

    Wow, further monetize by selling women and children into slavery? Genius! Not.
  4. ifwearner

    LLC law has melted my brain.

    Ok as far as paying taxes on LLC income, you are supposed to find as many pre-tax expenses to reduce your income as much as possible with these kinds of entities. (i.e. new computers, server costs, internet fees, etc) If your LLC is making decent profit, the IRS expects you to pay yourself a...
  5. ifwearner

    Message to ALL beginners trying to "make money online"

    aww I thought you were going to give me a method and hold my hand to guide me through it while I copy it word for word and if it didn't work I was going to piss and moan all over the internet about how I can't make money online.
  6. ifwearner

    My Favorite Superbowl Commercial Is....

    the one where the dude was wearing a doritos suit and killed the guy with the dorito
  7. ifwearner

    How Many Ways Would You Do Her?

    Ok so this chick is a stripper. And she's stupid.. surprise.. a stupid stripper. Anyways I'd do her while she was holding a cross to my face, while calling me satan and exclaiming that she's a christian and a milf with a soul. And I would say 'thats nice'
  8. ifwearner

    Being Sued In Small Claims Court... HELP ME GUYS

    They misdiagnosed the problems with the car, you shouldn't have to pay for the misdiagnosed problems. Talk to a lawyer.
  9. ifwearner

    Richard Driver is a scammer....BEWARE...

    Yeah, I got ripped off by Richard Driver the scam artist as well with his 'media buy'. As a side note, try to avoid using western union to send money at all costs, there is absolutely no recourse other than pursuing criminal charges against the proposed scammer. As long as there are internet...
  10. ifwearner

    What do you tell your AM when...

    Double opt-in lists
  11. ifwearner

    Potential Scammer trying to get my domain...and obviously money...

    Wow thats thinking outside the box... I'm gonna use this
  12. ifwearner

    Black Hat SEO Contest - Last Person To Post Wins $100

    What are the rankings like on this blackhat seo thread
  13. ifwearner

    How many hours a day do you work?

    I used to work 4-5 hrs a week. Then everything got crazy and a bunch of changes were made, now I'm back to hanging around all day and only actually working maybe 2-3 hrs. But even if my stuff goes back to the way it was, I know more now and need to get my hands dirty on some more money making...
  14. ifwearner

    About DatingGold

    I've promoted AmateurMatch with them, they pay bi-weekly always on time. Never tried the webcam thing, if you can convert people I say go for it. If your traffic doesn't convert, you most likely won't get paid that long. :)
  15. ifwearner

    Decaptcher Down

    Yeah but it seems their entire site/service is down right now.. server problems I guess
  16. ifwearner

    Decaptcher Down

    Looks like Decaptcher is down for me, how about everyone else?
  17. ifwearner

    And now for something completely different...

    That can't be all-balls.. dude should be gi-normous with all the testosterone. I bet he delivers a hell of a money shot on the village women. bwahahaha
  18. ifwearner

    Should I sell my $15k Worth website?

    Yeah depending on the past provable income and traffic vs recent stats its definitely worth more than 15k.. Little over 11% return per month.. as long as you aren't jumping ship from the sinking income its worth quite a bit more. I would keep the income and get an investor for your new...
  19. ifwearner

    Hide affiliate link through new domain or dmr?

    get cheap hosting, do a dmr with ref check to make sure its blanked before going to your aff page.
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