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    Fast Rank Increase Guaranteed BHW Moderators Used Service Pure White Hat SEO

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    WHITEHAT - World’s #1 Web 2.0 Service | 7-Star Grade Agency Quality | Platinum SEO Results

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    BHW Exclusive >> Super Backlinks from YAHOO! - Reviews Available - Natural Yahoo Backlinks

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    ps3 jailbreak dongles

    yes this was already patched. Check out: psgroove psfreedom These might still work. Not 100% sure dont have a ps3 :(
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    one of my sites doesnt load css in firefox

    I think what orlandolongwood said is right, it looks like there is a character infront of his CSS.
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    one of my sites doesnt load css in firefox

    I just had a quick look, I inspected your CSS with firebug and it comes up with all these asian characters. like this: 1ഊ⼪ഊ 䑥獩杮⁢礠䙲敥⁃卓⁔敭灬慴敳ഊ Make a new CSS file and copy the contents into that. backup the old CSS file and put the new one in the same...
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    making html page load video from local machine

    I asume the kiosk will be running the HTML file locally too? If your using a video player its pretty easy, just point it to the directory the file is in. If you need a player check out hxxp://www . longtailvideo . com/
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    Need some help with my sidebar..

    This should do it #aside a { color: #fff; text-decoration:none; } #aside a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }
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    Need some help with my sidebar..

    Like this: .widget ul li a{ text-decoration:none; } .widget ul li a:hover{ text-decoration:underline; }
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    Need some help with my sidebar..

    Hi, Sorry i dont quiet understand what you want to do... Do you want the content in the sidebar to shift towards the right more? If you could clarify this, I would be happy to help... Sorry i didnt reply in the other thread, it wont let me :(
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    NEW FUNNY VIDEO! Sure to make your day swagged out!

    holy crap, nice one dude lol when they sped it up i couldnt stop laughing.
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    another wordpress classified site plugin - need html coding help

    Have you got the answer to this.... By the looks of it all you have to do it remove the float:left from everything and add it to the containing DIV <div id="$awpcpdisplayaditems" style="float:left; margin-right:20px" > <div...
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    How to redirect nonexistent pages to your home page?

    Yeah there is a bunch of wordpress addons. Check this one out: hxxp://wordpress. org/extend/plugins/redirection/
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    Where do you get your free images/stock photos?

    Go to istockphoto rightclick on the image copy the url. Go to Tineye (i cant post urls :( )and paste the url in there. Not 100% chance to find it. But i have found alot of istock images through that :)
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    How to disable full screen for movshare videos?

    If you cant pass it through the URL You could do something like this: <div class="movie" style="position:relative;"> <div class="block-fullscreen"> <a href="#" style="position:absolute;bottom:0; right:30px; width:10px; height:20px;"></div> </div> <iframe style='overflow: hidden; border: 0...
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    'if IE 6' to work for all versions

    Hi there, I had a look at your site in IE 6. To me it looks ok. You might want to put some padding on #content. Also you might want to set a pixel width on #content instead of a percentage as if you make the screen too small the table gets cut off. If you cant get <!--[if lte IE 6]>to work...
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    Which shopping cart system should i use ??

    I agree with this, I just made a magento site, very painful. However, if you're just going to download and use a template without much modifications, magento should be pretty straight forward. In terms of support magento probably has the best support. It has a pretty large community aswell...
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