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    sorry for bumping an old thread, but I wanna know... did someone tried this? did it work?
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    few questions...

    I know that things can go wrong, that's why I asked "vaguely". Do you check your blogs/stats daily/weekly/...? I'm thingking about adsense, that's why I'm asking if it's necessary/good to rewrite the posts. Thank you.
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    Profitable Blogging Vol. 2: “The Stealth Blogger”

    depositfiles. com/files/mgieklz9j -> "Such file does not exist or it has been removed for infringement of copyrights." :( EDIT: nvm, it's working, had to delete the cookies on my browser...
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    FaceBook Security Breach

    Can you share this with us? Is this VERY related? :D
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    [GET] RSS feeds site lists

    Thanks man, I hope this list makes autoblogging easier :D
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    Simple rapidshare/file hostings time delay bypass

    I want to share my method for bypassing time delays on rapidshare. It works on some other sites (works with depositfiles), too: you go to the site, random ex.: rapidshare c0m /files/352694273/My_Twisted_Autoblog_Method.pdf , click on "free user" and you'll be on the download page. now, press...
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    few questions...

    Hi. I'm building my first autoblog, for now just as an experiment. I got a few questions: I'm using RSS + youtube as sources for my posts, but it's difficult to find RSS with full content, so I'm using yahoo pipes. However, I'm scared because they may stop working if the format of the...
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    BH Clicking method

    well, maybe. is that forbidden in here?
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    BH Clicking method

    I've got an idea: let's suppose you have a php script/htaccess rule in your website that will redirect your traffic is your url ends in a certain word. ex. : mysite. tld/sjndsdn/redirect -> mysite. tld/sjndsdn that way you will have your own site as a referrer. now, let's suppose you have a...
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    Profitable Blogging Vol. 2: “The Stealth Blogger”

    Please, can you upload to mediafire? depositfiles is painfully slow, and you need to wait between downloads :/ Thanks
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    Can anyone help me install VMware and windows on my dedicated server? WILL PAY GOOD:)

    just search for "install vmware" on youtube... isn't that difficult
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    Database Emails

    you couldn't do it from the console? in linux: $ mysql -u*mysql user* -p *database name here* < *filename here* then enter your password. obviously, remove the *'s.
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