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  1. lightningblitz


    Review! I received a free review copy. The good: 1. I saw a huge serp increase. 2. Anchors were highly diversified. 3. Customer servive was excellent. The bad... 1. If Finn advertised serp increases or power links I would expect pbns with tf 40 and links from huff post. But finn never...
  2. lightningblitz

    ⏩RankingResults.Net⏪ ⚡⚡HERCULES DIVERSITY v3⚡⚡ The Ultimate SEO Package⚡ ✅✅ 60% OFF Discounts NOW ✅✅

    I received a review copy. My review is honest, and will detail my experience. First and foremost, are rankings. I normally never mention rankings (too many factors) but if a service impresses me I mention them. I pointed the links to a single internal page of a very large niche site (most...
  3. lightningblitz

    Best way to learn Black hat

    @Katarina Ivanovic You are right on the money. My best advice is to build easy links yourself and expand. Most SEOs and imers skip easy branded links. Google plus, social links, and branded web 2.0s. Dont do that. Build the links you can and outsource and expand.
  4. lightningblitz

    Do your keywords have to be on the page?

    ) H1 and h2 do matter. I would find a different builder, unless the builder auto labels title tags
  5. lightningblitz

    Do your keywords have to be on the page?

    @Holzr is right on the money. But to answer OP, @ThisSwordfish , you only need the keyword to be mentioned on the page you want to rank. Example: Site is about widgets. Home page had a widget article. Inner page you want to rank is about widget prongs. The keyword for your inner page is...
  6. lightningblitz

    Web 2.0 Submission On Domain Authority 80+ Websites With Fresh Unique Hand Made Contents

    Interested in one of those 5 review copies, if available still.
  7. lightningblitz


    I was lucky enough to get a review copy from @Peter Ngo . First thing I have to say, is I enjoyed the report. Files with the original articles used, for example. My niche was fairly specific and you cant find content to scrape and spin. I know without checking these articles are unique. But...
  8. lightningblitz

    DR(ahrefs) dicreases 35 to 7 in one day.

    One more thing (I feel like jackie chans uncle on his cartoon), even webmaster tools does show all links. My theory is, and I spoke with @Nargil about this, that webmaster tools doesnt show all links. Google has a delay. Googles processors are far superior to a third party like ahrefs. So...
  9. lightningblitz

    DR(ahrefs) dicreases 35 to 7 in one day.

    Metrics are good for selling guest posts. Metrics are bad for ranking. I have had tf 50, dr 40 links do zilch for ranking. Ive had tf 5 and dr 10 link improve ranking. Niche relevance and anchor text are a factor as well. I normally don't post after people like @Nargil as he answers the...
  10. lightningblitz

    Journey: Making Money with Social Traffic

    Twitter is steadily growing. Struggling with reddit content. I think I have a strategy for google plus groups. This week I need to make some dummy accounts to test this theory.
  11. lightningblitz

    The Art of the Elite PUMPER Web 2.0

    Wow, i never expected this to be bumped. I dont offer any services. I considered it for a bit, but decided against it. I do some passive consulting work, and some exchange work, but nothing to make money. From the op, somethings have changed over the years. Now I dont do prs to web 2.0s...
  12. lightningblitz

    Most Underrated SEO Tactic - IFTTT SEO

    Most ifttt recipies are content syndication. Doing so can lead to penalties or rank suppression. The only ifttt recipies I always use are those that share article titles and images. OPs suggestion works. But IFTTT is a bullseye For penalties. For 90% of my articles, I dont want it shared...
  13. lightningblitz

    Most Underrated SEO Tactic - IFTTT SEO

    I have had issues with ifttt and tier one. You need to be careful wity triggers and not reposting content. But ifttt is great for tier two, and tier one with strict triggers. I never advise ifttt because I have been burned from it. But it is perfect for contemt syndication and naked anchor...
  14. lightningblitz

    Website Owners Accepting Sponsored Post

    @back2form has a good list. His list saved me dozens of hours. He is a great starting point. I have a couple sites I know back 2 form doesn't have. That will sell a sponsored post. But they have limited availability. It would help if you let people know what niche(s) you wanted. For example...
  15. lightningblitz

    How to Choose Great SEO Domains - Our Experience from Many Years in Business

    Great post @bignose . Great post. I wont argue points, since people I trust like @Nargil did. But over all? You just helped thousands of people with good advice. Thank you.
  16. lightningblitz

    Your Best Money Making Method

    I will share my biggest money making tip. 1. Automate tasks that are an inconvenience. I hate going to the dmv (department of motor vehicles). It someone offered a service to skip this, I would pay hundreds. So would 90% of people in the usa. The tip for my dmv example is to find a small town...
  17. lightningblitz

    My 15 Amazon sites ranking at page 1 to 5 + Your SEO to bring them on page-1

    *cough...cough...I like @Finn and @Holzr * I was hoping you would get more offers. Sorry I couldnt take this jv. I know I left money on the table.
  18. lightningblitz

    Website was cloned

    Hey my friend! Honestly, you have great advice, like banning IPs and blocking with htaccess. Also, filling dmca complaints with the host. But I have a little tip I found from other scrappers. Include the original post date and revision date in your webpage. When you post the article...
  19. lightningblitz

    Your Best Money Making Method

    Ha! I should have been more clear. I mean like: 1. Seo 2. Youtube + cpa Definately not a complete method.
  20. lightningblitz

    Your Best Money Making Method

    I am not asking for a handout. I am asking for YOUR best, money making method. I specialize in SEO. My advice is always the same. Build the strongest links and hardest to get links possible. And you will rank. My second guaranteed tip was shared in JV. The concept is a change of address with...
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