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    Does anyone have a strategy to get to a regular Facebook ID from an app-scoped one?

    I have a particular, non-black hat need for this (think CRM system that already has facebook ids in it). Does anyone have a currently working strategy for converting app-scoped ids to regular ones? I am trying to setup an inbound facebook messenger channel, and the IDs are basically useless.
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    PacketStream: These are the residential proxies you are looking for.

    So, I have spent more than $1,000+ with Packetstream, and here's the review. Yes, their service works. But, you are charged for success OR failure. Many sites now will return 200 and an authentication page. They charge you for this bandwidth. Many major sites had these problems through...
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    Scraping Robot - The Web Scraping Tool that Scrapes Website Information, HTML

    This service is really solid as a user of 6+ months. Highly recommended.
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    I'm dealing with a provider that has full access to the pool. For most applications, it's fine. However, we are hitting the problem where we're getting burned for consistently a few days a time. So, while more expensive, I think the approach mentioned here is likely the right one. Just my thoughts.
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    Ok.. I sent you one. So, we used to this at a scale of about 3,000 keywords a day. BUT, we did about 30,000 queries to get that 3,000 keyword's data (90% failure/blocked rate). I'm trying to resolve that problem.. And, it's now about 50% success/fail. So, it's better.. but at such a low...
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    If things get too "specific" and you want to back channel. i'm happy to supply a skype or something.. Telegram, etc. :-)
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    the "BigG" will as well.. but again, I wonder if its that i'm adding the "count=100" to the query.
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    To minimize footprint. We get "results" from Google, then go to each page. Many of the social networks use the browser as a "footprint" and will block.. shopping sites as well. So, using Headless chrome minimizes that footprint. All to get results reliably.. ;-)
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    Proxies are TrustedProxies (BigG) and ResNetworking (USA autorotating) proxies.
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    And, as I said, i"m wondering if the 100 count on each query is what's killing me... otherwise, they're pretty stock queries.
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    So, it's custom code.. like you. I can really do anything.. we're driving a headless Chrome browser, and working through either commercial Google Scraping proxies or commercial "autorotating" residential proxies.. I'm going INCREDIBLY slow right now.. just trying to get something that's...
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    And, each query uses a different proxy.. as we use a service that each request rotates the proxy to a new IP address.
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    Per each scraper.. we're doing 1 per every 5 to 10 seconds.
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    I used to scrape the Big 3 way back when, plus a few others that were the "B" tier. But, I found the B tier doesn't really provide much in the way of quality.
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    That provide a similar quality of results? Maybe not 100% the quality of the G, but relatively close?
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    So, a few things there. 1) it can happen on the first query.. and often we also get a "you will be redirected shortly" message versus a hard 502/503 (which we get as well). I'm wondering if its that we've set the count to 100 (trying to minimize queries, as our proxies charge on a per query...
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    Scaling Google Scraping

    I've got the need to scrape a LOT of Google. Right now, i'm using professional Google scrape tools, but only getting about 50% success.. we get rejected randomly. So, I'm looking for someone that can help me troubleshoot and get the system to perform more reliably. Think of this like a...
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    ⚡ 31 Million HTTP/S & SOCKS 4/5 Residential IP's Backconnect Private Proxies ⚡

    Just tried this. While they didn't work for me due to some limitations in the service, the guy himself was a reputable player and did issue the refund. So, if you're turned off by the no trial thing, at least he seems reputable. FYI, you can only pick up to 5 "specials' on their special...
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    Looking for an API-based SERP/Rank Tracking solution...

    Hey all, I'm looking for a new API-based SERP/Rank Tracking solution. This is for API access from my internal application. All our data will come through the API. We don't need a web front end/client reports. My ideal solution has the following requirements: Services: Able to...
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    Anyone have a list of "known bad, don't link from here" domains?

    I'm looking at my list of backlinks... trying to do a cleanup. I know how to manually figure out which of these is bad, but it seems like there should be a list somewhere of "known bad" domains.. that i could filter my backlinks list against. Anyone know of anything like that?
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