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    Buying amazon reviews paying 5$

    lol, what has this world come to
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Still looking for that $100/day
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    The most simple/foolproof guide to make money

    No, i didnt direct that to you at all. Contrary i think you get the point. What makes a difference between lazy people and money makers is not that they are lazy, i really think they are not smart enough and they cant figure what to do so they rely on others to lead them and show them...
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    Reading other people code

    the more you code the easier to read it is, there is no magic trick, some guys will do it in a bad way but still its easier for you to solve it the more experience you have
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    The most simple/foolproof guide to make money

    you look sexy on that pic
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    The most simple/foolproof guide to make money

    ^ What do you "joined july 2012" noobs actually think its about? Maybe you thought you will see something like "Here is the ground breaking method...", "Be original, be creative, aim for the niches that dont make cash at all so the rest of us dont have to compete with fools like you" or just...
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    I want to invest $250 and start to make money, need best suggestion

    dont listen to bullshit, there is alot of it around here, use your own head or you will never make any money and for that you will have to burn that $250, no one wants you to make money - everyone who tells you so lies
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    The most simple/foolproof guide to make money

    what did you "never made a dimme" clowns expect, another high level guru book? I bet i gave you better advice then all the crap you bought so far, yet you are that dumb not to understand it, thats why you dont make money in the first place, ironically. And i am glad you never will. now, if you...
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    The most simple/foolproof guide to make money

    After reading this you will facepalm yourself and figure it out for once. - find people who are spending money to make money - once you are sure that they do it long enough the only reason for doing that can be that they make money as well, start to copy them. you dont need to exactly copy...
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    PHP Help. What am I missing?

    your php interpreter should tell you
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    Wanna Test Xrumer or another Tool in a cool way? Cake Poker(online poker network) stole 60k from a guy who won it fair and square on the tables suggesting that the guy who lost 60k to him(trough a nite) was...
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    Need Scripter/Web Programmer

    like click and get million visitors? 2$million dollars, pm if interested
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    What are people doing to sell adult cams nowadays?

    I used to convert 14:1 for cam sites, but it was 10 years ago :)
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    Is Xrumer worth buying? Testimonials?

    If you dont understand html/php at least basic parts and you are willing to learn bit how to make xrumers mods etc... no its not worth it Buy scrapebox instead then
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    Free Seo Script Request

    1. If there is something you need automated but it isnt really complicated(php etc..) for seo that can benefit you or others give me some idea and i will make it free - I will pick on my own to take request, not promising anyone anything 2. If there is something automated that would benefit...
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    Do Adult CPA Content Lockers Convert?

    people's moral these days, if you sell child porn you really deserve to die
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    Damn fed up with cpa money making :(

    Help me with 3,5,10$? You can drive down the park at night and give bjs
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    Wtb - programmer - fast work

    if you are interested pm me im for explanation c++,php,autoit,wharevever servs it best
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