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    >>UPDATED: How To Do Keyword Research<<

    Chip you are 100% right, when I read this I knew right where it came from and it wasn't anything KalyKen just happened to come up with ... If you are going to rip someone's ideas atleast put your own twist on it ... Pretty sad actually
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    live feed of links for xrumer, scrapebox

    I would be interested in a list for Xrumer ... thanks much!
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    Forced into offline dentist left a msg

    I am sure many people have said this already, but here it goes. Get together a list of services that you would be willing to offer them and then let them pick and choose what they want. If you want to buy yourself some time you could probably show him maybe a general list of...
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    Making Money From Botting World of Warcraft

    OMG, this whole post takes me way back to my Ultima online days. There were bots back then, but they were not as automated depending on what you were doing in game. It was more along the line of a macro you had to at least somewhat watch. But during my high school years and a little...
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    Best Tools to Promote a New website that's Launched?

    This is excellent advice. Because just doing one or two things is never enough. Just like having multiple streams of income, you need multiple streams of traffic to your website. So sit down, come up with a list of ways to improve your site rankings and then start deciding how much time a...
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    Google Dance

    There is no answer to how many times Google will do the dance. They honestly need to change that term, because even when dancing, no matter how ugly, there is a pattern or rhythm. Google rankings are more of a "roll the dice" kinda thing. You can have odds in your favor like good content...
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    noop question about CPA

    For the longest time I always though that the only thing you had to look at was the EPC. I mean Earnings Per Click should be pretty accurate right? Well, something may have a high EPC, but they never really say where those clicks are coming from. So if someone is having success on FB and...
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    Twitter Account Creator? Which one?

    Proxy_go here on the forum has some good proxies, might want to give him a shout.
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    Staying awake at the do you do it?

    I completely agree, get some sleep. Although it is good to get up about every 1.5 hours and take a break for a few, even if you go put in a load of laundry, make a phone call, play with your dog for a few ... whatever, just get away from the computer. Even take a power nap, I have done this...
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    Flea market?

    I know in the states they have stores called "Dollar Tree" As the name applies, all of their stuff is $1. You can purchase items online now in bulk for $1 each (or less depending on quantities I believe) and then sell items like that in your booth. Never know, maybe get your own catalog...
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    All Methods are Dead...

    What is all comes down to is three things ... hard work, focus and follow through. I have talked to so many people that just keep looking for the fast buck and easy ways to do everything. One month they are making money and the next they aren't ... DUH!!! And not everything is going to be a...
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    Xrumer Anti Virus

    It's probably always a good idea to have a anti-virus running no matter if your on a server or your home PC. I mean... it can't hurt can it?
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    Using Money As Flyers

    Yep I used this method for many things years ago and they worked great. I just drove around to busy places such as gas stations, Walmart, colleges and other stores and got a great response. And if you want to do this even cheaper, buy them the first time and then scan then in your computer...
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    propagation times on info

    any time I have any trouble with my domains propagating it's because of name server issues... like me not putting in the right name server. I think the longest time I have really had to wait has never been more then 24 hours.
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    What is better a shorter domain with a dash or a longer one with no dash?

    I personally always try to go for a domain without any dashes. I have heard several other people say they do that as well and if they really have a key word phrase they want as a domain they just add a word to the end of it instead.
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    What should I do with my rejected article in Ezine?

    Don't get too irritated with EZA... things like this are the norm for them. I have taken articles I wrote myself, not a rewrite and put them up to EZA and they have been rejected. Checked in copyscape and everything was clear. Now some times they will actually give you a # of the article...
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    How many people i can follow daily on Twitter?

    I don't think there is a hard cap to the number you can do every day, but it helps to have like 12 tweets a day just to keep things moving. Also try and keep your followed and follow people about the same number.
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    New sites now hard to be indexed?

    To get indexed, I have never had to do more then ping my site with one of the many services or programs out there and then a article, maybe 2.
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    If all domain for a certain keyword are taken, which word do you add at the end?

    I have personally been told on several occasions it's best to have your KW phrase in the URL first. As far as what goes after... does not matter. I mean if your selling physical products you could always end with "depot". "Express" is another personal favorite. All depends on what you like...
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    Offering Free SEO Service

    I'm Interested :)
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