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  1. travelerbg

    Google Adwords Certification Exam

    Hello, I am planning to take all 3 exams of Google Adwords - Fundamentals, Display and Search. Could anyone recommends me a website, tutorials or videos to help me prepare for the exams ? I know that in Google Help Center there is a lot of information but need other sites.
  2. travelerbg

    Monetizing FB Pages

    Hello guys, I have 2 FB pages but since I started full time job, I do not have time to update them. Due to my job , "Talking about this" on both pages dropped. I am looking for a guy to help me in making the pages more active and start to monetize them. I am attaching the insights of both...
  3. travelerbg

    Prime time for Facebook page?

    How can I define the prime time for posts in my Facebook page ? Is there something like a tool or application which would help me ? If I try to analyze the insights, all the posts with highest reach are all posted in different time and cant find a pattern.
  4. travelerbg

    Local SEO offer template?

    Planing to send SEO offers to some local business. Could anyone give me a template ? I remember I saw template somewhere but cant find them. Thanks in advance
  5. travelerbg

    Chaning logo in PDF ?

    Can anyone recommend me a FREE software to edit pdf files and change a logo or a picture ? thanks in advance
  6. travelerbg

    Data binding ?

    dont need to write or to input any info, just the information for the products which is on the xml to show on the html page cant find the code in wc3schools, could you give me a link ?
  7. travelerbg

    Data binding ?

    Hello guys, I have an university project and need to include data binding to a website. One of the task is to integrate txt or xml file with information about products and prices to an eCommerce website. What is the most simple way to do it ? thanks in advance
  8. travelerbg

    Wordpress rich snippets plugin ?

    Hello guys, Can you recommend me free and easy to use wordpress plugin for rich snippets ? I tried Itempropwp - but not sure how to use it, seems too complicated.
  9. travelerbg

    Report a page to Google ?

    Website offers a service. It shows on the first page in Google when searching "free service" . But they do not offer anything for free, their service is paid. Is there a way to report to Google for showing irrelevant results ?
  10. travelerbg

    Software for onlin poker, see other people's hands?

    few years ago there was such software working only on Absolute Poker and there was lawsuit agianst them But nowadays there is no such thing.
  11. travelerbg

    Pagehogs Middlepig service for trading FB pages ?

    just to let you know.. sold my FB page using middlepig service - its genuine.
  12. travelerbg

    **Another Pinterest + Adsense Journey!**

    i pins with funny pictures from my adsense site to board with 20k followers but do not get any traffic. I receive many repins but seems that people like the picture only in pinterest, do not click on it. how do you get traffic ? (click from pinterest should be seen in google analytics, right ...
  13. travelerbg

    Pagehogs Middlepig service for trading FB pages ?

    Hello guys, Have anyone used the middlepig service for selling FB pages ? They are offering transfer service for FB pages. I plan to use them but need to know are they genuine ? Planning to sell my FB page using the service but do not want to get ripped off.
  14. travelerbg

    Let's exchange Linkedin Recommendations

    anyone from UK wants to exchange recommendations - PM me
  15. travelerbg

    Wow My fanpage Got Hacked

    sorry for your page but its only your mistake ! There is an option to give "insight analys admin right", so they could only see the insights. Why have you made him a content creator ? by the way have anyone used Pagehogs Middlepig service for transferring a page ? I am wondering if it is a...
  16. travelerbg

    Most shared pictures ?

    Is there any website where I can see the most shared pictures in a specific country ? Something like but for pictures ?
  17. travelerbg

    Whitespark Citation Building Service list ?

    Is there any chance to find the list of citations used in Whitespark Citation Building Service ? I read in few places that they provide excellent service, but its quite expensive (3$ per citation) How can I find their list ?
  18. travelerbg

    Affiliate web-site lists

    Hello, I am looking for lists of affiliate web-sites related to the following categories: Bridal wear Woman fashion Men fashion Shoes Gaming If you know where I can find such lists, please help.
  19. travelerbg

    Vide sharing sites for linkbuilding ?

    I got a video of my niche, I have uploaded it in Youtube with a link in description, should I upload it to other video sharing websites as a part of my linkbuilding strategy? Could you please give me a list of video sharing sites ?
  20. travelerbg

    To the guys making money with funny picture sites

    dont know why but im getting CTR 0.06% , how to increase it ?
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