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    How to get client change the hosting he/she got through web developer?

    Hello, I'll start offering services to small business provided that they change their website hosting to the one I recommend them (with my affiliate link). I'll also offer website transfer for free, so that they don't have to worry about the technical stuff. It's easy when they "made" their...
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    Creating accounts, auto-sending DMs, getting banned, rinse & repeat?

    Hello, I've got a list of a couple thousands IG accounts I want to send the same DM to, which redirects them to another page. It's not a CPA or something like that, rather a legit offer giving recipents real value. The thing is, I cannot send more than a couple of DMs per day without getting...
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    Would this be considered incentive traffic by my affiliate manager?

    I'm planning to run a competition to make a website on specified cause, but participants would be encouraged to keep their sites running after it ends. They'd be given my affiliate link to sign up for a hosting (necessary to participate). Do you think it counts as a incentivised traffic? Or is...
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    Mass nude/non-nude photos source?

    Quick question: where can I find 100's or even 1000's pictures of women? They may be nude or not, with intent for fake profiles. Important - best if they were 'creative commons', without copyrights, or made using AI, such as thispersondoesnotexist Thanks!
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