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  1. Patricks905

    Amazon Marketing Services AMS

    Hi, As you probably know there are a lot of Amazon sellers or Merch by Amazon creators. I am Merch by Amazon creator and I am running into an issue trying to get into Amazon Marketing Services to promote some of the products. Has anyone been experiencing that lately? Or am I just dumb and...
  2. Patricks905

    What do you think about Alex Becker

    I wouldn't necessarily go for his SEO stuff but Market Hero (email software) is actually really good - tried it for couple of months personally.
  3. Patricks905

    $500/Month Amazon Merch Journey

    @faithjhung Do you have any front and back designs? If yes how are the sales? Reason I'm asking is because most designs out there are front ONLY. Bit boring in my opinion.
  4. Patricks905

    $500/Month Amazon Merch Journey

    @faithjhung It is strange that you seem to have major issue with the trademarks lol - you can look that up before you submit a shirt FYI. You dont want your Merch account suspended by stupid things like that. I got 17 products and 1-2 seem to be hot sellers - designs uploaded back in April. I...
  5. Patricks905

    Journey to 10k a day (shopify, aliexpress, fb ads)

    Hey @Lunaaa Happy birthday and congrats on hitting the quarter goal! Everything is possible (don't listen to some of those numb sculls - you are doing just great) I will keep checking on you weekly :) Regards,
  6. Patricks905

    What to do with already ranking empty adult domain

    I'd have to keep updating content at this point. Is there any type of automated software that will keep updating the site?
  7. Patricks905

    What to do with already ranking empty adult domain

    Hi BHW, I acquired a adult domain that is currently ranking at around 17 & 28 for 27000 monthly searches. It is getting about 100 hits a day pretty much. Adult niche is not my strongest. What do you recommend I do on it? Or should I just find someone to buy it and actually make something from...
  8. Patricks905

    Best way to invest 1$ ?

    Donate it
  9. Patricks905

    17,000 emails what to do?

    Check out PPC prices for home security in your area, you will see. Alarms, surveillance and home automation may be a very nice start. Please don't go to ADT Comcast or ATT - worst idiotic techs and morons over the phone. Find a well established small-medium company and a lot of those will do all...
  10. Patricks905

    Journey to $15k Month [Amazon/Ecommerce/Web Design] - Top 1% in Canada

    Good luck! I hope you can have some advantage due to the exchange rate :)
  11. Patricks905

    17,000 emails what to do?

    For the home (if you can separate) I would try to reach out to local home alarm companies if they would pay for leads. Those are the most expensive leads in the history lol. If you were in the area I would love to buy some leads like that. Auto - idk
  12. Patricks905

    17,000 emails what to do?

    Is that a home insurance?
  13. Patricks905

    Anyone from Poland?

    Sopot :)
  14. Patricks905


    Awesome! Good Luck with V2. Can I get the coupon code and those 5 extra posts. I will order soon!
  15. Patricks905


    Leith, I would like a review copy if possible. Thanks!
  16. Patricks905

    Virgin PBN Network- Quality links at affordable prices|Discounts available

    REVIEW: Very satisfying results, new keyword, new website (2-3 month old) went from nowhere to second page with small package within a week. Dropped off for another week. Currently bouncing around between 15-25 and seems to be getting closer to the top. KW competition small-medium 2-3k...
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