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  1. arain

    Instagram Follows/Likes Safe delays October 2016

    One of my account following around 500 people and liking 800 photos asked foe PV. After verification I gave account a rest of 1 day did few actions manually for 2 days. And Wolla back on doing what it was doing. Its been 6 days since no issue as of now Just start slow and move slowly
  2. arain

    17 Year Old IG Journey

    Good luck for your journey Just curious if you post any content on these accounts or just following people. Also are they all in same Niche or differnt.
  3. arain

    What percentage of users do you think are tracking unfollowers?

    I agree with OP. I am in same niche and experienced the same. Some users even sent me msgs saying why I am unfollowing them. As most of them just own a DSLR and they think they are next big thing. This niche users are serious
  4. arain

    Instagram Business Q&A

    How do you grow an account. Is it Niche or people you follow or content you post ? I am stuck with about 100 a week on all my accounts???
  5. arain

    IG Bot for photo posting too.

    Follow Liker is perfect with no issues.
  6. arain

    Would you pay for 10 IG accounts with 1000 followers

    How you do that
  7. arain

    Limit on amount of likes.

    I usually leave my follow liker setting to 500-800 likes per day. My account is not even that old and have only 1.5K followers
  8. arain

    Get thousands of Instagram Followers/ 1 DAY tools and tricks

    Hmmmmm never thought about that. Will give it a try on some of my accounts
  9. arain

    Recommend Instagram Software to Like Your Own Pics and Follow Your Own Account

    If you are into fake followers and likes Addmefast can be your answer. And you can get a bot to do it
  10. arain

    Get thousands of Instagram Followers/ 1 DAY tools and tricks

    Why number 4 "Follow random peoples that hv followers more then 2k." I always follow people with less than 500 followers. As people more than 500 followers are not usually consumers. Either their content is too good or they are trying methods to get followers Any body any thoughts??
  11. arain

    [Fresh/Aged/Pva] ACCOUNTS (Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • Gmail • Youtube • Pinterest • Tumblr..)

    I ordered 30 fresh IG accounts. Tested just 2 of them they both immediately required phone verification. I am not sure it was problem or they were suppose to act that way. Will be needing them in few days though so just did not do any thing with them so far
  12. arain

    Phone verification

    I tried 2 verify my second personal account with same number and previous account is no more PVA. So I am pretty certain 1 number for 1 account
  13. arain

    [Fresh/Aged/Pva] ACCOUNTS (Instagram • Facebook • Twitter • Gmail • Youtube • Pinterest • Tumblr..)

    I am trying to buy multiple types of accounts in 1 order but that seems to be a problem. Is it just me or website is designed this way?
  14. arain

    What tool can I use to post 1 image to all my IG Accounts @ 1 TIME?

    I think followliker will be handle to do it as you can give exact time for every account to post picture but I wont recommend doing it unless you dont mind accounts asking for phone verification. But if you must try to change MD5 that might work or as @PChanger said try variating pictures a bit.
  15. arain

    What is normal unfollow to follow ratio

    Hmmmm I will try to think over it and change few things. But what could be possible reason. I have just 3 accounts and all 3 different Niche but same issue.
  16. arain

    What is normal unfollow to follow ratio

    thanks for clarification
  17. arain

    Shoutout Reliability

    was also curious
  18. arain

    What is normal unfollow to follow ratio

    Newbie question Just starting to work with IG. just noticing one thing that about 50% people who follow my account unfollow. Is it normal or I am doing something wrong.
  19. arain

    FollowLiker Not Working Since Update To 9.3.1 :/

    not working for me also
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