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  1. amerikhan

    Utube Beast #1 YouTube Bot - Devour the Competition! FREE 5 Day Trial!

    Joe, are you going to increase or lower the regular 12 month license?? I'd like to know now before they change, thanks.
  2. amerikhan

    Utube Beast #1 YouTube Bot - Devour the Competition! FREE 5 Day Trial!

    Does the mass commenter use a browser?
  3. amerikhan

    Why are these games so popular?

    Patel's post reminds me of the days when I played Diablo 2.
  4. amerikhan

    How much more productive are you with two monitors?

    I'm thinking about going dual screens sometime soon. I say it definitely helps productivity and it's common to find a lot of workplaces who have dual monitors for their employees.
  5. amerikhan

    I will do YouTube comments, you provide the ideas

    jamesdin I got a method that can go to $500+ a day, contact me asap on a messenger of your choice
  6. amerikhan

    CL PVA's Fresh 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Anyone know where I can buy a CL PVA ?
  7. amerikhan

    So i got scammed, but i may have the upper hand. Need crafty ideas!

    Man I've been scammed before and this shit is LoL. Sounds like divine retribution. You should tell your story and post the scammers info on 4\chan.
  8. amerikhan

    How much are you currently making on CPA?

    Avg $100/day Highest ever $385/day
  9. amerikhan

    Who here has a TV?

    Turn off the TV and the Radio, then turn on the internet. Internet > all else
  10. amerikhan

    Google Chrome is so much better...

    sleipnir for light browsing "Sleipnir is a Japanese tabbed web browser, released by Fenrir Inc. The browser is known for its high level of user customization." FireFox for work and everything else. I use like 16 different add-ons that make browsing the internet much more transparent, safe, and...
  11. amerikhan

    HOLLA! HOW to do this?

    Big companies are always out doing the little guys folks. Remember, it's a numbers game. :)
  12. amerikhan

    How much are you making from youtube

    So true. I guess YT staff will eventually pick up on one of your accounts and then zap everything linked to it in regards to IP and the advertised domain name. Most I've got to was $190/day from YT but the method didn't last long.
  13. amerikhan

    [FREE] I will give you my Private Elite US Proxies for FREE!

    Man I'd kill to have 10 private proxies!! Lazlow I beg ya to lend me a few!! :rolleyes: I love people who give back to the community! :sly:
  14. amerikhan

    If you can count your accounts/ don't have enough

    Well stated perspective, YouTube has a very large avenue. Any YouTube marketer can draw in a full time personal income from YT if done correctly. But spam exposure isn't the only way to make $$ from YT. Simply having a few very popular videos with a link in the sidebar could bring massive profit...
  15. amerikhan

    Dating CPAs

    I'm pretty happy with N3verBlue's Dating CPA offers. There's a lot, some pay up to $5/per free sign up.
  16. amerikhan

    Ok, Rude affiliates read this

    Don't bother with Rude anymore. Go sign up for a CPA network.
  17. amerikhan

    Now Women Can Masterbate Like Men

    LMFAO does that thing also spurt out a grease if it's used too much? :clit:
  18. amerikhan

    Getting Paid to Play Video Games The Yukinari Way ;P

    Great method man! Xbox Live is a brilliant social platform for targeting gamers! They got the change too as they're used to buying $60/games constantly, So why wouldn't they buy a $30 info book on how they can make money playing games!! :rocketwho
  19. amerikhan

    Making Money From A Forum?

    Got a tip for anyone planning on monetizing forums. Just use g00gle AdW0rds in a thin strip placed vertically on the right side of your forums. I made about $50 in a week or two from clicks, first money I've earned online off of a video game forum. VIP memberships are always great if you have a...
  20. amerikhan

    Noob$ who aren't making any $ yet method

    Why are people still posting in this dead method? Lol. It's like a noobie time sink.
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