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  1. coolboy113u

    PennyPanel - 4000+ Reviews | 600+ Exclusive SMM Services | Rock Bottom Prices

    I have signed up waiting for approval.
  2. coolboy113u

    [Auto Buy] Instagram - Twitter - Youtube - Facebook - Soundcloud [PayPal/BTC/ETH]

    Here's a review of my yesterday's order. Firstly, I would thank OP for the really quick delivery, my order was delivered in less than 10 hrs. I ordered for 5k Instagram followers and that's what I got exactly. Almost all of the followers only had a couple of images in their account with two...
  3. coolboy113u

    [Auto Buy] Instagram - Twitter - Youtube - Facebook - Soundcloud [PayPal/BTC/ETH]

    just ordered 5k instagram followers, will review as soon as it happens. Thanks in advance OP.
  4. coolboy113u

    [REQ] Dribble invite

    Uploading design work and commenting on the work of others requires an invitation. I am looking for someone who can give me a invite.
  5. coolboy113u

    [REQ] Dribble invite

    Do anyone have a invite for me? I would really like to have one. thanks :)
  6. coolboy113u

    Looking for *FULL TIME* Front-End and/or Back-End Web Developer(s)

    Still looking? Add me on skype. :)
  7. coolboy113u

    HTML 5 banners

    I can do this job perfectly. Have a good experience in html5, add me on skype.
  8. coolboy113u

    Mail Server Advice Needed

    add me on skype. :)
  9. coolboy113u

    Is it just me or are your clients also like that ?

    Don't worry mate, these things happen. I had a client who used to write "ASAP" in every email and expected the prices to be low. He used to call me in every day or two and wasted almost a hour or so trying to figure out how everything on the internet works.. :D
  10. coolboy113u

    SEO Help - Post Penguin

    This is what you need. It works very well, I got few of my websites back to #1 in a month.
  11. coolboy113u

    Hot to get Facebook Verified Badge..?

    the question is why do you want one? Are there other pages that are similar to you?
  12. coolboy113u

    # of times a domain has been dropped

    as far as I am know, it really does not matter. If you give quality content, it will rank anyway! Also, spend a lot of time on SEO as it will be the key to your success.
  13. coolboy113u

    Where To Hire People To Build Private Blog Network

    maybe you can create a bot that notifies you when the action is about to end. And for the other thing it would be wise to hire a VA, generally good VA cost around 800$-1000$ a month.
  14. coolboy113u

    WANTED: High end Landing Page

    yup. add me on skype :)
  15. coolboy113u

    My wife just backed into my parked car.

    talk to her, let her know how you feel.
  16. coolboy113u

    Need WooCommerce Plugin Coded

    How much are you willing to pay?
  17. coolboy113u

    $8 On Paypal If You Can Find A WP Theme That Looks Like This

    LOL.. It will be pretty hard to find something very similar to it. But if you want I can help you to create one.
  18. coolboy113u

    Need a WordPress Website Built (Not that complex)

    PM sent. Looking for a chat. :)
  19. coolboy113u

    Need Silo'd Tier 1 Across Many different platforms

    If you are looking for someone, add me on Skype. :)
  20. coolboy113u

    Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

    It is amazing how they created such a massive game with so many things to do. And the best part is it will run on Xbox360 and PS3 (and PC version followed by few months), so no next-gen consoles needed for playing it. Rockstar wins my heart!!
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