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    Instagram Empire

    I think so, but you have to credit it. You mentioned that you started making money. Shoutouts?
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    [Give-away]Lynda(.)com account.

    Thanks man, is there any way to download the courses in this account?
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    Scheduling Posts

    Hello guys, I wanted to schedule all my posts for a week, cause I've had troube and stopped posting for a few days before. So I've heard about Gramblr (not sure if this one does the scheduling) and an app for iOS, called UNUM. I just want to know if anyone uses any of those (and if they are...
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    Free Lynda annual premium account method

    Oh, really? I tought they stopped at 9.2, thanks.
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    Free Lynda annual premium account method

    There isn't a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2, right? :(
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    Post doesn't show up on hashtags

    So I've been using the same hashtags for a couple of weeks and it was taking about 30~40 minutes to show up at the hashtags page, today I changed a couple of them and it appeared there immediately. I'll still do some more tests, but I thought it was an instagram problem as an app, cause...
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