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  1. Themanhere

    Top-Quality Google/Gmail Accounts: Exceptional Quality, Amazing Prices, 0.15$ per account!

    Is it possible to send samples? Also is IMAP activated or would I need to login and activate?
  2. Themanhere

    Instagram Follow/Unfollow Method doesnt work anymore???

    Nah it's happening quite a lot. In fairness, if you report it, mods are pretty quick on the ball here and will remove obvious AI junk. I don't necessarily even mind an AI post or comment if it's got something useful to add, but when it's obvious low effort botted crap, it lowers the value of the...
  3. Themanhere

    Instagram Follow/Unfollow Method doesnt work anymore???

    It would be funny if they reply "as an ai language model I'm offended you would make such an accusation". Seems like this forum is getting a lot of spam accounts with ChatGPT replies to boost post counts. No doubt to spam some crap in future.
  4. Themanhere

    unlimited Facebook accounts

    Why does this entire thread seem like one of those cheesy YouTube "conversations" where people blatantly try to shill a product. In this case, Adspower. Although credit to Adspower, they've managed to hire some fairly high post count accounts and didn't just shill with newly registered accounts.
  5. Themanhere

    ⭐ Trial accounts for OpenAI (ChatGPT, DALL-E) with a $5 balance ✅ Private Account ✅ Fast Delivery ✅ Bulk Order ⭐

    Requested a review copy, received promptly with logins. API connects fine and seems to work, will definitely be ordering once my bot is fully setup. Thanks
  6. Themanhere

    ❤️❤️ Buy OpenAi Trial Accounts ❤️❤️ Cheap 5$ Trial Only 1$ Per Account❤️❤️

    Hi do you have skype and is it possible to buy a single account to test via Paypal? Do you provide API details or do we need to login to account to get them first. Cheers
  7. Themanhere

    How to get Free Open Ai key of 5$?

    If anyone knows of a API key seller, let me know. The $5 3 month trial account keys are fine for my purposes.
  8. Themanhere

    Is amazon affiliate worth doing?

    Like any business model, it CAN be. But there are things to keep in mind #1 They've reduced commissions massively over the years, and there's no reason to think that trend won't continue. They may pull the plug entirely. They have zero loyalty to affiliates and you mean absolutely nothing to...
  9. Themanhere

    List of All Ai Image generators

    Looks interesting thanks, is this relatively straight forward to set up?
  10. Themanhere

    [GIVE AWAY] 50 Aged Quora Accounts

  11. Themanhere

    [Journey] First YouTube Automation Tutorial Channel

    Thanks! I'm not sure what the rules are here, am I allowed to add this? Be good to hear from a mod first.
  12. Themanhere

    [Journey] First YouTube Automation Tutorial Channel

    Update: Released 2 more videos, starting to get a trickle of views, comments and subscribers but not really started promoting them just uploaded. Started making tutorials with screenshots for the website also. As I start releasing more tutorials, I want to aim towards community building. Does...
  13. Themanhere

    [Journey] First YouTube Automation Tutorial Channel

    Starting to feel better now, so back to recording. I was hoping to get some thoughts on how to approach #1 Take a simple bot I've made, then record a video deconstructing it and showing how all the pieces fit together #2 Record tutorials for every feature in BAS I'm trying to think of the best...
  14. Themanhere

    [Journey] First YouTube Automation Tutorial Channel

    Not really much response, but it's an introduction video on a channel with no content, so not really expecting much until I get more tutorial videos created. UPDATE So after a wedding + my birthday last weekend, then getting cold/flu straight after it's not been the most productive of weeks...
  15. Themanhere

    [Journey] First YouTube Automation Tutorial Channel

    First video is released. It's just an introduction to browser automation software, so not expecting a lot of traction. Created a thumbnail which I'll use as a template for this series of videos.
  16. Themanhere

    [Journey] First YouTube Automation Tutorial Channel

    Hi all, I've procrastinated too long and now it's time to get my YouTube channel off the ground! I've mostly focused on other projects and things I can scale / automate... and although I've made decent money with them, there was minimal passion and I just felt like I was going through the...
  17. Themanhere

    youtube is deleting my channel why..?

    It's unhelpful spam content, so it's not likely to live forever or get many views without getting flagged. Users report such content because it's annoying and provides no value. You could maybe get away with buying the product, record it being unboxed or used, then add AI voice over. But if...
  18. Themanhere

    Hasanabi shares Youtube method

    He's a socialist in the same way sex traffickers are feminists.
  19. Themanhere

    [DIY] Create 5G or 4G Mobile Proxies From Android Phones In 10 Seconds - Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Proxy [FREE & OPEN SOURCE]

    Just connecting via BAS (browser automation studio), it just says the proxy is failing to connect. Server is likely saturated as you say, so a lot of people will probably experience the same. Although I'm from UK, so I probably wouldn't be connecting to the Asia server? I would like to create a...
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