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  1. EMAOneBillion

    ❌❌⭐ UNLEASH THE POWER OF QUORA & REDDIT ⭐ Not Just a Backlink! ✅ Great for EAT and Diversification ✅ Drive Quality Traffic ✅❌❌

    I received one Reddit link from Stan in exchange for a review. The link is placed in a fairly good-quality comment inside a thread from a niche-related subreddit with 644 members. The OP used the exact anchor text I provided. The comment reads naturally and not promotional. The account used has...
  2. EMAOneBillion

    Google Prepares for a Future Where Search Isn’t King!

    Google says a lot and does little... I think all this fuss around AI search is to keep the stock from going down.. regular Google searchers are not that crazy about AI, period!
  3. EMAOneBillion

    Unsung, Upward, Universe, Uncovered - 4U - Editorial links + Niche Edits + Niche Outreach Guest Posts + News Links

    Received one link as a review copy: Ahref Traffic - Ahref DR - Ahref RD - Moz DA 6729 - 52 - 978 - 50 This is a genuine website, with natural backlinks and organic traffic, social media accounts with followers, and a nice design. The content is around 1000 words and sounds natural. The link...
  4. EMAOneBillion

    Why Google is de-indexing my website?

    Well, this isn't bad... for one, it lets you know which pages have quality issues so you can focus on those. Also, on some of my domains I've noticed that when there is a spike in non-indexed pages, there is a slight increase in traffic to the URLs that have remained indexed...makes sense...
  5. EMAOneBillion

    Check this if you are outsourcing content for your blog

    Curious, how much have you paid for 1000 words?
  6. EMAOneBillion

    Review Copy - Google Knowledge Panel for a Person

    I have the perfect fit for this service. Let me know if it's still available. Thank you!
  7. EMAOneBillion

    [FREE REVIEW COPY] Social Media Management Service 1 Account + 30 Social Media Reels

    I do have an Instagram account in the beauty niche that would fit this program so I'd love to review your service. Thank you!
  8. EMAOneBillion

    So Google shadowban is a thing?

    Faced the same issue for a year. After a domain migration (which was done flawlessly) my site wasn't showing in SERP for a given keyword even though before the migration it was doing pretty well. The website wasn't showing in SERP even after adding the website name after the keyword. This...
  9. EMAOneBillion

    Despair Links - Dofoll0w News Links- Make Ur Competition Hopeless - $49 a piece- Get featured on prestigious news

    I received 1x Despair Link as a review copy with the following metrics: Ahref Traffic - Ahref DR - Ahref RD - Moz DA 4325 - 35 - 2915 - 45 What I like: * The link looks as natural as possible * The anchor text was used exactly as I told the OP * The website seems like a genuine one with real...
  10. EMAOneBillion

    Google Helpful Update 2023: Could This Be the Collapse of Independent and Niche Publishing?

    Google's plan is to get rid of small publishers. This is what generative AI and all those updates are meant for. The generative AI will kill the method of creating pages around long-tail keywords that big publishers don't target (this is all we had so far to get a chance for some organic...
  11. EMAOneBillion

    ⏩ CROWDO LINKS ⭐ TOP for 2024 ⭐ 20%OFF for New Clients ✅ Trusted by hundreds of BHW members ✅ Up to 92 DA ✅ Sites with REAL traffic ⚡️ From $6/ link

    Got 3x Crowdo Links as a review copy. Good and related content, natural link placement, overall good metrics, and plenty of traffic. Great service to diversify your link profile and make it look like people are actually talking about your website.
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