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  1. hiepcnle

    Where To Buy - App Downloads + Reviews + Ratings

    You can also join FB groups for like exchange, it safe.
  2. hiepcnle

    Is there a tool to get emails of members inside Facebook groups?

    FB published that API couple years ago, but now they remove in new API version. Even you are code expert, you can't :)
  3. hiepcnle

    how to use aged us fb account make money?

    Create a group, try to get at most member as possible. If you group has more than 100k members, you can get money by selling that group, or ads. It's hard to create a group has more than 100k members btw.
  4. hiepcnle

    How can china sell its product cheap ?

    And poor quality also
  5. hiepcnle

    what you think for .io domains is easy to rank?

    I like io domain, but it should be used when your full domain appends with 'io' have meaningful. A lot in Spanish? I think no impact on SEO.
  6. hiepcnle

    How to convert uid or @facebook email to real one?

    You can't FB don't public API to do that.
  7. hiepcnle

    How often should you update your website?

    Yes, the more the better. But because our website is an app page, that we don't have anything new to update daily or weekly even monthly until we release new features of our app.
  8. hiepcnle

    Can I Make Money From Android Apps Without Google Play Store?

    Is it right that Google has terminated your app many times and now you can't publish to Google Play? Amazon and Galaxy Apps stores are the 2nd and 3rd best. You can support only PayPal for your app (if it's paid app), they won't reject! You can also upload to CNET, it drives good number of...
  9. hiepcnle

    A Question About Maillist Building

    I think you need to give some free e-books e.g. first. Add link to those books point to the paid books, products. If your books are good, they may buy the reference products, but hard btw :(
  10. hiepcnle

    Journey to a passive $50/day.

    I am not good at writing, how can I write one article per day?
  11. hiepcnle

    Facebook keeps banning my accounts

    Yes, and you?
  12. hiepcnle

    Facebook keeps banning my accounts

    Actually FB is super powerful, I can get a lot of sales from FB. When I start, I don't post to FB group to early, read some and like or comments. Don't post or join more than 5 groups per day. Sometimes post without link, create a lot pics to post, don't use sentence that sound spam like. FB...
  13. hiepcnle

    I need to earn money per day $5-10$ ,please help me to earn .

    Does Grad provide service in your country? It's every easy to register to be a Grad Biker or Grad Taxi. I think you can get more than $10/day :)
  14. hiepcnle

    Has anyone used Following Like?

    You should use site that prevent bot, a lot have that features.
  15. hiepcnle

    Lots of followers but very few pins in their boards: is that normal?

    Did you buy follower or use followers exchange? I am the same :(
  16. hiepcnle

    What is black hat SEO?

    Spam is also a way to do black hat SEO. You can spam email, sms, FB group posting.... and of course forum but will be banned soon :)
  17. hiepcnle

    What is wrong with my

    Do you have negative balance? They may block your account. I have experienced that they even don't allow to reset password.
  18. hiepcnle

    Google Play App install Bot

    I'm creating some small job and paid with a small amount for people to help me install the app. You can google to find sites that can help you. FB groups posting also helpful.
  19. hiepcnle

    Facebook deletes my posts in groups after publication

    I have to use another account, don't post a lot btw.
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