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    Domain extension question(.club)

    This is exactly what I am hoping for
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    [Rocket Rank]FREE Seo package

    I'll take a review copy!
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    Wordpress Theme design consultant

    I am making my first wordpress Site from scratch with the Avada theme, but it just isn't looking as nice as I thought it would. I am looking for someone to help me clean up the look of the site and make it look more professional. PM me with a little about your wordpress experience, and we can...
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    Domain extension question(.club)

    I might get a .com and redirect it to the .club, or vice versa, it really depends on how the .club does after a while
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    Domain extension question(.club)

    Well I guess we are in the same boat then. I already started building the site and adding content, I am hoping that the domain is brand able enough not to be limited by its .club extension. Time will tell if it ranks i guess.
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    Anyone of you getting traffic from pure content?

    I mean the fact of the matter is that if it is poor quality, non-native sounding articles that no one will want to read, than of course nothing is going to happen. If you are consistently writing engaging high level content than you would probably be surprised with the outcome.
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    Anyone of you getting traffic from pure content?

    In an ideal world, its a balanced combination of both.
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    Best Paid Review Theme For Wordpress?

    haha nice. For my product review site I use Avada and i like it alot. Its definitely one for the more popular ones out there.
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    Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer in 2017 with Amazon Affiliate Websites!

    If I could see a demo that would be great.
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    Domain extension question(.club)

    The reason I bought the .club domain was because it was a very brandable domain, and Im sure it would have been purchased by someone else with similar intentions to mine. Should I get a .com version that redirects to the .club domain(or vice versa)? The .club just is a lot smoother and more...
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    I need a simple logo design

    So i need a simple design that shouldn't take too long. PM me and we can figure everything out.
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    is 2,400 monthly searches a to competitiv keyword for a micro niche amazon affiliate site?

    Alright thanks for the advice everyone. I don't know why I thought that the number of searches was an indicator of difficulty, but I am definitley going to have to evaluate the keywords for the new site.
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    BIG THANKYOU to everyone

    Its always great to hear about people making good money thanks to this forum! I too have learned pretty much everything I know from this site alone. Good Luck with your new projects!
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    Website or Blog for reviews?

    I have a blog review site, and I am able to add Meta words for each post individually. All my posts(reviews) can be located on the front(or home) page of the site, but they also each have their own individual links as well. I am not sure how it would work with weebly, but on wordpress there are...
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    HAND MADE LINKS to Monopolize The World's Largest Search Engine at Awesome Prices

    Order placed for Silver Package- xxxx-xxxx-xxx2-2544. I forgot to include the details in the paypal message so I am PM'ing you now!
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    is 2,400 monthly searches a to competitiv keyword for a micro niche amazon affiliate site?

    I always heard the rule of thumb with these smaller affiliate sites was 1,000 monthly searches, but I am not sure if this is still the case. Is a keyword with 2,400 monthly searches going to be difficult to rank for my small niche amazon affiliate site?
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    Domain extension question(.club)

    So I am in the process of creating another niche review site, and rather than an EMD this time, I am trying something a little bit different. I', not gonna say the niche, but the domain i am thinking of registering will have the word "club" in it (its gonna be a review/blog site). Is it going to...
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    .net extension for clickbank and commission junction

    I'm just as baffled as you are as to the value of the original domain, as it does not have a significant # of links or anything like that. it is a godaddy auction and I'm really not sure there are even any bids on it, but for some reason the price is set ridiculously high. I'm not concerned...
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    .net extension for clickbank and commission junction

    so I had a niche site that i was monetizing with commission junction and click bank about 8 or 9 months ago, unfortunately i kind of had to put it down for a while due to a personal emergency. I recently decided to pick it back up again, but unfortunately the domain(a .com) expired and is know...
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    I rank the site, you make the site. 50/50 REV SHARE

    Hey man sent you a pm.
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