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    Claim Inactive Instagram Username

    You are trying to get the IG Deymon - That's just one photo of some guy posing with his friends. I don't see how you can convince IG that it's infringing on your Trademark even if you register a Trademark. If you Trademark that name for a particular business / service, he should be misusing the...
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    About real estate selling

    This Thread should go into Bad MMO Schemes Hall of Fame. I have seen a lot of MMO stuff online, this one is special. The actual question in the OP is relevant. If someone has something innovative - Google Ads ideas for Real Estate - I would like to know too.
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    About real estate selling

    How many have you sold till now ?
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    No Progress

    Run Facebook Ads. Google doesn't seem like a right fit for a Real Estate Broker.
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    About real estate selling

    You realize that just for getting permissions to build something you need to pay to the local government. Also, Land, Construction material etc etc And ... 40 Construction workers working without getting paid... Wonder why don't they all start their own zero dollar buildings.
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    About real estate selling

    What do you suggest people should do ?
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    Is AdMaven a scam network?

    That's Management Speech. Say a lot, convey nothing.
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    2.5M Traffic in less than 2 months - How'd he do it?

    That's Cloudflare rule blocking you from seeing the sitemap. They can allow Google to crawl the sitemap and prevent others from seeing it. Their robots.txt prevents archives from archiving the website. Very cautious.
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    2.5M Traffic in less than 2 months - How'd he do it?

    But how do they monetize within a few weeks. Which Ad Networks will give such quick approval ?
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    2.5M Traffic in less than 2 months - How'd he do it?

    But how are they monetizing ? Can you get approval of such websites on adsense ?
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    (AI Content) 20k Articles in 2 Months - 12 Million Organic Traffic - £60K per month

    What if you have 5-10 year old domains, but they never had websites on them before ? Wondering if the age of domain will help if you start publishing articles on these 'fresh' old domains.
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    Can a 38 year old learn AI from scratch and make any bucks ? ( No coding knowledge )

    Age is just a number. The real issue is do you have the time and hunger to learn ? You might need to sacrifice some aspects of your personal life to make time for learning. Most people get 2 full days every week. They waste away most of those days. In fact a few hours every day are gone...
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    Journey to make $100/day from IOS & Android apps

    Make something, make anything. Get a few 'failures' under your belt, then you will be ready to try innovative ideas. If you wait for perfect idea, it doesn't exist.
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    How can i approve my website from google news?

    Can Google News feature your website without you actually submitting or applying to Google News ?
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    Journey to make $100/day from IOS & Android apps

    This is a good question. May be the Icon is better, Screenshots look nicer, the app description is much better. Why would you pay for a Nike or Adidas, there are so many other shoes out there ? What he is doing here is polishing the product, making it more appealing. This is a brilliant...
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    Journey to make $100/day from IOS & Android apps

    1) Can you give some examples - Not your apps. Any apps that inspired you to start this journey. 2) If these apps are not used often as they do specific things, how much revenue can you generate per app ? You might need a lot of apps to reach your target ? 3) What's your Development cost...
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    become a game stream editor earn 90,000$

    Why limit yourself to $90,000 by becoming an editor ? Why not becoming a Game Streamer ? That's probably easier to start out with as long as you can play games and talk. And have a half decent personality that doesn't put people off. You can edit your videos as you like, no interference...
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    If I mirror my website is their chance one of these mirrors got ranked?

    Most mirror websites that I see seem to have 90% similar content but different layouts and navigation structure. Try it, but don't clone the same website, make some changes in design.
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    Anyone find MySQL constantly crashes while running a WordPress site on 1GB RAM VPS?

    A couple of years back I was running multiple WP sites on 512 MB RAM. These were cached and not getting too many visitors. Didn't give any problem with MySQL. Give us an idea of what type of website you are running or what plugins you are using. May be problem is not the hosting.
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    Payment Gateway that accepts Credit Cards and pays out balance in Crypto.

    Don't think any service would do that. The risk for them is high, in case of a chargeback on the credit card the service will have to refund the money from their pockets as Crypto transaction can't be reversed.
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