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  1. s0ap

    Where can i get advanced tutorials on C++ Programming Game development

    "3D Game Engine Architecture" by Ebley is good is you are looking at the back end, if you want to write a renderer that is a bit more difficult. Arcsynthesis and pouet have a decent sized community of modern programmable pipeline programmers. ##opengl on freenode is pretty helpful as well. If...
  2. s0ap

    Solicitation and JVs

    In keeping in line with what we are doing in the eBay section, this is a reminder that buyer solicitation is not allowed in this section. As a dropshipper, you are allowed to post your products but you cannot specifically ask for "eBay sellers", "sellers wanted", etc. This will result in an...
  3. s0ap

    Are negative reviews allowed in BHW?

    I looked at the thread and it did get a bit off-course with the back and forth, and consequently someone took out the entire argument between the two of you. Negative feedback is definitely allowed however so I will add some of the relevant posts from both sides back in.
  4. s0ap

    Rule Reminder

    Please note: Asking others to sell items on your behalf or soliciting for items to sell is not allowed in the eBay section. We view this as a joint venture, and posts of this nature must be created in the JV section. This distinction may not have been clear so for now we are just issuing...
  5. s0ap

    Do I really need to build N-0-F-0-L-L-0-W links?

    Nofollow and its derivatives are no longer auto-censored as far I know, FYI.
  6. s0ap

    Kissing Cousins, Is it Appropriate?

    What the actual fuck. No, and don't ask again.
  7. s0ap

    C# index outside bounds of array

    X and Y are logically reversed in your code, Y should be height and X should be width. You seem to be consistent about your usage, but if you are passing these off somewhere that is expecting traditional (x,y) layout you may have a bounds error. You (or I) also seem somewhat confused about...
  8. s0ap

    My dilemma

    If your family is paying your bills, you owe it to them to commit yourself to studying. Also, HTML and C# coders are a dime a dozen. If you were planning on making money as a freelancer you will be going head-to-head with a room full of Indian dudes who are willing to complete the project for...
  9. s0ap

    How can i get in touch with a Mod here ?

    You can usually get a hold of us on IRC ( but we are in the middle of a hardware upgrade so it might not be back online for a few days. PM is another good option, but some mods are more active than others so keep that in mind.
  10. s0ap

    SeoCheat - Brandon - Scammed $120.

    Posting the names, addresses, and phone numbers of our members and their relatives while conveniently editing out your own information puts the conversation in an entirely different league for us. I will delete that type of content every time without apology.
  11. s0ap

    Starting of a master wholesale distributor list

    This thread is getting removed in the near future so if anyone is actually using this list, make a copy of it for reference.
  12. s0ap

    Any BHW members in the Ukraine right now?

    Generally speaking we don't allow political discussion but I am going to let this one run for the time being as long as everyone can stick to the facts. Best wishes for everyone involved, on all sides of the conflict.
  13. s0ap

    What interface diagram method is being used here?

    I don't know what software is specifically being used but it is an graph (DAG looks like) rendered in radial fashion. Most graph visualization packages can do something similar for data stored as edge lists or adjacency matrices.
  14. s0ap

    Cryptolocker! Anybody know how to get encrypted files back?

    Pay them or lose the data. That's the bottom line.
  15. s0ap

    Scraping: Web Based vs Desktop Based

    Processor time is cheap, mine isn't. I can get the best performance in ANSI C with no windowing and direct access to the socket layer, most users aren't going to know what to do with that.
  16. s0ap

    Avoiding the military

    Post whatever you want dude. Though you are the now the one who appears to be waffling and justifying. Knuth is an interesting case. Like most professionally trained mathematicians and other pioneers of the computing field, he is a somewhat unimpressive developer in the practical sense and...
  17. s0ap

    Advertising "secret sauce" should not be allowed

    I think we all know where this is going.
  18. s0ap

    Avoiding the military

    But you have time to scan and upload pictures of textbooks...
  19. s0ap

    Scraping: Web Based vs Desktop Based

    I would code native and deploy it on servers. If this is designed to be sold as a product then I would implement a client-server model in the native code and handle customers with a web UI that it interfaces with. This allows you to sell SaaS and lock people out without having to update the...
  20. s0ap

    PLEASE READ: Digital items are no longer allowed in the D&W section.

    We are currently in the process of updating the rules and requirements for this section, and are no longer allowing the sale of digital items. New threads will be deleted without warning and repeat offenders will be banned.
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