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  1. businessbira

    (Case Study) How to grow your email list on autopilot with an Ambassador Program

    (spoiler alert: by rewarding your users to grow it for you) This case study is for you if: you have a newsletter or an email list you’d like to grow it from inside i.e. leveraging your current subscribers to share it and spread the word out for you you don’t have an Ambassador/Referral...
  2. businessbira

    Small High Quality PBN For Sale

    If it's in a local business niche, I'm interested. Send me the list, if you are satisfied with my post count/rep. It's been a long time since the last time I was on here :)
  3. businessbira

    Random Giveaway: 5 invites for whoever wants them.

    If you want one just send me an email address where to have it sent to... Don't ask.
  4. businessbira

    Random Giveaway: 5 invites for whoever wants them.

    Yeah, but I'm giving them away for nothing. No selling.
  5. businessbira

    Random Giveaway: 5 invites for whoever wants them.

    You know what the is right? Basically a private torrent tracker about self-improvement, seduction, physical education, sex, how to play musical instruments... stuff like this. It's a good one. If you have something to trade for them, that's fine, if not, that's fine too. PM me...
  6. businessbira

    Most cost-effective SEO for mini authority niche sites

    If you have a micro authority site (or if you are thinking of buying/building one) you are probably going to ask yourself: how can I rank 15-20 different, low-competition kws without breaking the bank for each of them? How would you do it? Which services would you purchase?
  7. businessbira

    AuraRank - White Hat SEO - Manual High PR & Niche Links - Huge Link Diversity

    Yeah, Luka is a nice guy on skype and provides a good service (I'm a client of his).
  8. businessbira

    Up To 1000 Web 2.0 Posts With HUGE Keyword Diversity! ONLY $5

    Can I provide the spinnable article? How's the readability of the articles you publish?
  9. businessbira

    I am looking for the best web developer here. Please read. Retire after this job.

    One aspect is not clear (willingly?): you want every people's email. To do what? Spam the shit out of their email boxes to promote your shows?
  10. businessbira

    Premium Mini Authority Site – Hot Untapped Niche, LSI Articles, Custom Themes & SEO!

    What's the status of my order? I sent you an email, let me know if there are any delays...
  11. businessbira

    AuraRank - White Hat SEO - Manual High PR & Niche Links - Huge Link Diversity

    Is the content on the 1st tier properties unique? spun? readable?
  12. businessbira

    One of the Biggest Influences in My Life

    Wiz, if you are into guitar demi gods check this out It will melt your hat.
  13. businessbira

    Forex jv [brand new][100% legit][good profit][more features][pamm included]

    I invested with Antonio in the previous JV and never had a chance to leave a review. To keep it short: he is legit.
  14. businessbira

    instagram money making method

    Sell instagram followers.
  15. businessbira

    Anyone still having some success with profile links and forum profile links to moneysite?

    Like the old Angela's ones? Good ol' times :)
  16. businessbira

    How does VEVO work?

    @Padlock: What do you mean by saying that the music industry is dying? Where do you see it going in the next 5-10 years? Your insider knowledge is highly appreciated.
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