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  1. Ettienne

    Vidnami Have Stolen September Payouts

    Still haven't received my commissions either. They paid 2 July, 4 August, and it's now September 6th and still nothing. Oh and conveniently the helpdesk is "no longer available". Let's give it a few days and see. Also not to happy with the whole situation at the moment.
  2. Ettienne

    Proxy-Seller - Residential / 4G Mobile / IPv4 / IPv6/ ISP High Quality Private proxies. Lots of GEO

    REFUSING REFUNDS. DO NOT SUPPORT COMPANIES LIKE THESE. I've ordered 50 proxies and stated I need it for Google. ALL 50 proxies fail on 3 different softwares I use (that requires Google proxies). Here are the emails: Me: Can I please get a refund, none of the proxies work when testing vs...
  3. Ettienne

    Ranker X is it worth using in 2018? If yes how ?

    Haven't used RankerX in years but pretty sure you were able to do that, yes.
  4. Ettienne

    Ranker X is it worth using in 2018? If yes how ?

    Yeah Market Samurai is still alive and updated quite regularly
  5. Ettienne

    ♔MEGAMIND ARTICLE SERVICE ♔ Contents starts 2$ for 500 Words

    Absolute spun garbage. "Hand written" my ass. SAVE YOUR MONEY GUYS. Some samples? Sure: "Getting another profession in your general region takes an assortment of strategies, including utilizing quest for new employment goals that consideration on zone occupations, asking about adjacent system...
  6. Ettienne

    ♔MEGAMIND ARTICLE SERVICE ♔ Contents starts 2$ for 500 Words

    Made an order on the 26th, still waiting for any communication from your end. Transaction ID: 2UY44348J0036102F Will I be receiving my articles today? It says 2-3 business days. 26th was Monday, it is now Thursday and I've heard absolutely nothing from you.
  7. Ettienne

    How to get the max bang of links on Scrapebox?

    Scrape some keywords, use footprints - merge with keywords, harvest. Post a test run, check links, save success links to file (autoapproved). Throw those successful links in the link extractor addon, extract external links. Post, check, repeat until you have a huge list of auto approved...
  8. Ettienne

    How to get the max bang of links on Scrapebox?

    There are a ton of tutorials on how to do this. But the real power of Scrapebox doesn't lie in the link building, it's not 2007 anymore, it has about a thousand more useful things it can do than post spammy links that will get you penalized if you're not careful.
  9. Ettienne

    GSA Content Generator - Superb Article, Vid, IMG Scraper/Spinner, Multi-language & more - Discount

    I've been using SEO Content Machine for years. The other day I looked at my Paypal to see how much I've paid to them over the years, it was roughly $840 over the last 4 years (that's with a lower, old subscription fee). Crazy. So I finally got my hands on GSA's content generator and so far I'm...
  10. Ettienne

    Is XEvil really that good?

    You don't need any proxies to use XEvil, the old recaptchas are pretty fast, like seconds. The newer ones (like those "click all the busses you see" bullsh*t) can take 10 - 90 seconds depending on the amount of threads you run as well as retries in case it didn't solve correctly the first time...
  11. Ettienne

    Is XEvil really that good?

    So I finally got myself a copy of XEvil since I've been quite disappointed with GSA Captcha Breaker and 2Captcha's slow response and solve rates. I tried the demo version which immediately made a huge difference, only downside to the demo is that it stops every now and then (since most demo...
  12. Ettienne

    TurboWeb 2.0 - The Web 2.0 Blogs Network Builder (14 days Free Trial)

    Sent you a PM with some questions
  13. Ettienne

    How to Sell Shoutouts, Seriously?

    You always get what you pay for. Cheap bot accounts that are useless, sure. Real accounts that get results/leads/sales, not cheap at all.
  14. Ettienne

    How to Sell Shoutouts, Seriously?

    Found this insanely old post, I know, but yes... Shoutcart. Google it.
  15. Ettienne

    Ranker X is it worth using in 2018? If yes how ?

    Don't waste your money guys. Learn to do SEO and avoid these tools, ESPECIALLY Senuke. Listen or learn the hard way like many others before you.
  16. Ettienne

    is it possible to rank for a keyword without using it in website ?

    Your question is vague. But yes, you can.
  17. Ettienne

    Get from second to first page of google

    Hard to say without knowing your URL, there are a TON of factors that determine rank.
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