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  1. Azcension

    Click Farm recommendations?

    Not sure what this refers to...
  2. Azcension

    Click Farm recommendations?

    Hey all. Looking for any click farm solutions that could really put a dent in a competitor's Google Ads spend. Any ideas?
  3. Azcension

    If you had $20k, what would you do?

    I sold a property earlier this month and am looking to put my profit to work. Going to dedicate about $20,000 to some sort of new income stream. My question is what you guys would do with it, or what you would recommend I do. Thanks!
  4. Azcension

    Need Experienced SEO Troubleshooter

    I'm climbing the Google search rankings, but I noticed that the SEO title i gave to Yoast SEO doesn't match what's on my Google listing. I need some help figuring out why they're not in sync.
  5. Azcension

    I'd Like To Purchase Firearm-Niche Traffic

    If anyone has any audience or distribution in the Second Amendment/gun-related niche, hit me up -- I have a site I'd like to pay to promote.
  6. Azcension

    Need YouTube Comment Bot

    I have a niche site I'd like to promote in the YouTube comment sections of my niche industry. Is there anyone who can build a bot to post and maybe get top comment rankings too? If so, send me a message and we can discuss details, pricing, etc.
  7. Azcension

    Looking For Someone Who Can Post In Hundreds/Thousands Of USA-Based Facebook Groups

    Need someone who has the ability to post in hundreds or thousands of Facebook groups where there is primarily a USA-based audience. Hit me up.
  8. Azcension

    Need to use services of a Facebook account farmer

    If you have hundreds or thousands of FB accounts, please PM me ASAP.
  9. Azcension

    Monetizing a large Quotes page

    You'll want to get creative and try various things. One thing I can think of is starting a poll website that asks random questions and collect emails from them. Then, use those emails to send out affiliate offers and more quotes. You may also consider partnering with one of these FB quizzes/poll...
  10. Azcension

    Need someone who can make a bot that posts in Facebook groups

    PM me if you can do something like this.
  11. Azcension

    social media marketing = bum

    Dude. I'm stealing this.
  12. Azcension

    Ideas for making money through large email databases?

    Over the last year, I've collected a fairly large database of really good emails (most are from older men and women in the U.S.) and was wondering what actions you would take to make money from them?
  13. Azcension

    Need Someone Who Can Re-Skin Mobile Apps

    I've got a lucrative partnership opportunity for anyone who can reskin iPhone games.
  14. Azcension

    Only IM could allow a 19-year-old to own a car and a house.

    You're assuming that Adsense/FB only business I'm in. I hate having all my eggs in one basket and have worked on diversifying. Also, one month of Adsense revenue covers an entire year mortgage payments lol. I hate spending money, so I've got plenty saved for rainy days and months.
  15. Azcension

    Only IM could allow a 19-year-old to own a car and a house.

    My Adsense account age is over a year old now. and Yes, viral political content is my domain!
  16. Azcension

    Only IM could allow a 19-year-old to own a car and a house.

    November's 60k was the highest I made in a month -- and yes, they start checking you after you hit big months. You got to make sure you're following all their policies to the letter.
  17. Azcension

    Only IM could allow a 19-year-old to own a car and a house.

    You can live like a king in the American south.
  18. Azcension

    Only IM could allow a 19-year-old to own a car and a house.

    Ha! Yeah, they were blown away. But they were pretty shocked at how fast the business grew.
  19. Azcension

    Only IM could allow a 19-year-old to own a car and a house.

    Yeah, I do political news, which appeals to those with conservative/libertarian values.
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