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    Dating Traffic

    I’ve been using link building & social media (twitter and from time to time Red IT).
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    Dating Traffic

    I have porn tube site that I put a JSON (API) to a page. I hired from someone from freelancer.
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    XWPTHEMES or WP-Script??

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    XWPTHEMES or WP-Script??

    I used WP script.. they sent out an email about Xvideo and I saw it on twitter Hopefully Xvideo will not block all sites
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    XWPTHEMES or WP-Script??

    I saw it on WP script twitter and got an updated email
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    XWPTHEMES or WP-Script??

    I don’t think other sites (like pornhub, redtub, Xhamster, etc) will follow cause you can register with Pornhub and Xhamster (with meta data and tags), but not like Xvideo. I think XVideo issue is just temporary, not permanently issue, until they fix things internally.
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    XWPTHEMES or WP-Script??

    Update with Xvideo soon will stop letting other sites view their video links. I have 12 niche sites and WP words great. I update once a week with new 200-300 new videos/delete broken links WP has a automation tool to import links 10-20 new videos ever 1-24 hours
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    Does GSA Proxy Scrapper Works Properly with GSA SER

    Yeah, sometimes pubic proxies can hurt your site or not work. I’ve only use private proxies keep them in routation
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    Looking for a Mass Email account creator

    My buddy just bought PVA creator and only the IG creator worked. The Gmail, FB, and others didn't work. he used catcha too
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    gmail mass account creator

    Yeah, I'm looking for the same tool. I heard PVA creator sucks. My buddy bought it, and only IG accounts work.
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    I’m looking for Gmail and FB Account’s too. Who can help me?
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    large social accounts - where to buy these?

    Does the forum provide verification accounts too?
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    porn tube or Live cam site?

    Has anyone used this plug in before ?
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    Dating Traffic

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    Dating Traffic

    Are you using only twitter ? Or you using other social media ?
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    Dating Traffic

    Right now I’m using Yoast Preuim and back linking using tools from Ahref ... slowing building that white hat ..
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    Dating Traffic

    I added a few adult games to my tube sities that they convert pretty good
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    Introducing My self

    Hey everyone I"m Malio, CPA by trait for over 10 years. I own my own business and wanted to start something new. I opened 6 porn Tube sites with WP Script last week. I'm new to the internet world but excited about the new venture. I'm VERY luck that my buddy turned me on to BHW and many...
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    XWPTHEMES or WP-Script??

    I have 6-7 tube sites on WP Script, but has anyone used BongaCash API on them?
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