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  1. stepdub

    [Journey] $5,000 into $30,000 with Crypto in 1 year

    Can vouch for this trade. KASPA is solid.
  2. stepdub

    What can you do with 200k$?

    25k = invest in crypto [BTC/ETH and a smaller portion of this into altcoins], sell in late 2024/early 2025 25k = domain investing [build a portfolio, hire an outreach team to sell the domains] 50k = buy a plot of land at the outskirts of your city 50k = start an airbnb rentals businesss 50k =...
  3. stepdub

    [Journey] $5,000 into $30,000 with Crypto in 1 year

    Good luck. Even I have a crypto journey on BHW since a few months. Made a lot, lost a lot, made it back and moving forward hehe. Nervousness and Excitement dance with each other in my head everyday, but I love it :) Would you change your trading strategy after hitting each milestone [like $10k...
  4. stepdub

    [Journey] $5,000 into $30,000 with Crypto in 1 year

    Ehereans OS [$OS] $TAO $KAS These 3, I speculate for a good 100X by 2025.
  5. stepdub

    I'm looking for safer alternatives to Jarvee to grow new instagram account.

    thanks :) Are there any tactics to grow the account manually faster [free or with a bit of spend]? Or does the same old follow/unfollow/like/view story etc suffice?
  6. stepdub

    I'm looking for safer alternatives to Jarvee to grow new instagram account.

    Is it unsafe to use these tools on main account even if we set it up to scale very slowly?
  7. stepdub

    I'm looking for safer alternatives to Jarvee to grow new instagram account.

    Hey guys. What's the best instagram growth tool right now that can help to grow a new account, without the risk of getting banned? Just need to grow a single account by automating follow, liking, viewing stories etc of the followers of my target profiles.
  8. stepdub


    Please DM me samples. I'm interested in the advanced package. Thanks
  9. stepdub

    [My Journey] I make $1,000 a month just by using Telegram search. Next goal is $10,000

    This is a smart method. Glad you making money from it. Scale it up :)
  10. stepdub

    Hi from Australia! Myself = 31 year old, CMO, Crypto, Start Ups

    I'm a CMO at multiple crypto projects as well :) We should chat. And keen to know your revenue goals :D WAGMI
  11. stepdub

    SEO Journey Helped Me Buy A MacBook

    this machine is now gonna help you make your first $100k. When you make that, buy the next best mac you can afford, and scale it up to millions from there :) All the best brother. Happy to see your progress.
  12. stepdub

    Is there a very old member you still miss so much?

    There's one legend from BHW who's provided a lot of value to people here. His name is IndianBill. I've met him many times IRL too. Unfortunately, he doesn't post here now, I miss him the most :)
  13. stepdub

    How to make money

    Start by being realistic about your goals. In a third-world country, making $5 per day may sound difficult, but making $150 per month or $450 per quarter could be easier/simpler. Any income on the internet takes some time to come. So I'd suggest you do some parttime work offline, to make that...
  14. stepdub

    Are you rich yet? Or still poor?

    Almost 4 years ago when I joined BHW, I was making just enough for food and rent. Now I'm at a much comfortable place financially. Currently focused on building generational wealth in the years ahead :) Grateful to all the opportunities that came my way, and the people who helped me :)
  15. stepdub

    Indian BHW members : Let us discuss some good shares to invest in current Indian share market

    Losing money early is how traders learn, in stocks as well as crypto. So that makes you eligible now to be a world-class trader. You'll make bank in the next 3 years I'm confident. All the best brother :)
  16. stepdub

    Crypto Journey to $10M by March 2024

    Very smooth :) I'm happy with the progress so far.
  17. stepdub

    Crypto Journey to $10M by March 2024

    Thanks :) Sent you a DM
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