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    WTF is going on with CB

    Quite so... Instead of solving the core problem of sales not being credited, CB is busy tweaking their "banner" again. Now they have that trust badge thing on vendors' pages.
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    WTF is going on with CB

    CB has been my bread-and-butter income for well over 6 years but the events since the end of September (banner, confusion, tracking errors, etc.) have caused me to lose faith in their system. There is something deliberately fishy going on. The last sale I got was on 15 Oct On 20 Oct, they had...
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    Direct deposit instead check

    CB has done away with the 2 checks requirement for new accounts. As of now, you can directly enroll for Direct Deposit (if your country is listed) without the need to get 2 paper checks first. This change happened a few weeks ago. I know this works because I opened a new CB account recently and...
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    Message in my clickbank account this morning (risk management starting from 1/2/2013) :s

    I wonder if this means that the 100 points thing (losing 1-2 points a day for unacceptable/borderline accounts) will begin from March and not January. There's a lot of confusing stuff going on with CB the past 2 months or so. "Something" is definitely afoot behind the scenes specially when I...
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    Are you guys experiencing slow sales as a result of the holiday season?

    The holiday season is traditionally slow (specially in the digital products markets) though it also depends on your niche. The same thing happens around the summer holidays as well (around June).
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    Market Samurai is BACK... ?

    I use both Market Samurai and Keyword Optimizer Pro. On the days when the former doesn't work, I use the latter (which is free, by the way).
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    Where to get cheap 1-month hosting?

    I recommend 000webhost as well. Though free, it is fair enough for a month's hosting.
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    Any clickbankers noticed a drop in sales?

    My sales are down around 50% across the board with the same amount of traffic. August is typically a slow month for sales, so I'm hoping this issue resolves itself in the coming months.
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    Blogger get a pump in ranking?

    It seems that since the Panda update Google has been pushing its properties (like Blogger and YouTube) higher in the SERPS. They are good for funnel sites to you main money site.
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    Re: Is intitle inurl Your Real SEO Competition In Google!

    The intitle and inurl are pretty much outdated concepts in my view. The true strength of competition is the 1st page of Google for your selected keyword.
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    The best way to promote a clickbank product?

    Video marketing, SEO, PPC... in that order.
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    Market Samurai - to buy or not to buy?

    I use SerpAttacks, Traffic Travis (free version to check competition) and the Google Keyword Tool for search data. These are good enough for me.
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    using squidoo to earn income?

    It's better to lead a Squidoo lens to a landing page or blog post (instead of an affiliate redirect to the sales page). I've found this more effective.
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    Do I need Micro Niche Finder if I have Market Samurai?

    MS has been slow, annoying and buggy as of late (specially the last 2 months when it timed out on the Google Keyword Tool data). Baring this, it's a powerful software that does a pretty good job. MNF is a worthwhile alternative if you want something user-friendly and simple.
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    The truth about paypal,why paypal is about to block india payments after march 1

    Moneybookers is an alternative to Paypal but the problem is most clients prefer and trust Paypal, and it's something that's hard to ignore. Besides this update from Paypal was inevitable (in some form) since last year. Who can forget the chaos between Feb-April 2010?
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    Market Samurai - worth the money?

    I continue to use the free version of Traffic Travis (which has competition analysis as well) along with Google KW Tool. What makes MS useful is that you can automate a lot of the manual keyword research tasks.
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    Order Form Submit but no Sale, what happened?

    Back in November I had like 45 order form submits and only 15 sales. Right now, only around 45% of my submits are resulting in sales... which is not good since I usually get 70-75% submits leading to sales. Still, you've got to keep working. It's all part of the business.
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    Have your sales been tracking today?

    Rebills are coming through but it looks like credit cards are being declined at an unusually high rate (reflected by the gap between "submits" and "sales"). This is a major problem as almost 70% of my sales come through credit cards.
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    Have your sales been tracking today?

    I'm seeing a widening gap between order form "submits" and registered sales. For this week (pay period) they are something like 119 order form impressions, 45 order form submits and only 15 sales. Something's terribly wrong for me at least :(
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    Niche finding software

    My vote goes for Market Samurai. Even Traffic Traffic is a good option.
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