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  1. aymenbnr

    Will bots have a future?

    @tompots thanks for the mention and the trust ;) Bots will always have a future, but it won't be as easy to make bots since security is getting tighter! The issue is the ones making bots are usually newcomers to the coding world, that's why they tend to struggle a bit. An experienced coder...
  2. aymenbnr

    █ ❌ Microsoft Products Store❤️ Windows 10-11 Pro ✅ Office 365-2019-2021✅ Cheap Online Genuine Activation Keys⚡

    Hi I placed an order i'll place a service review once i get the account details. regards,
  3. aymenbnr

    haters gonna say this is also photoshop or fake

    Doesn't have to be Photoshop to take a picture with your landlord's car JK
  4. aymenbnr

    [MEGA GIVEAWAY] ▶️ 5 MACROSENGINE PRO Lifetime Licenses

    I'm giving away 5 lifetime copies of MacrosEngine + one hour of 1 on 1 skype coaching. This is not first come first served, I'll pick 5 lucky winners in 5 days from now. Rules: * Should be interested in bot building and web automation * Should have at least 100 posts * Should post your review...
  5. aymenbnr

    best FB page auto poster?

    Most are outdated. The one that is still up to date is Jarvee I believe. But that costs an arm and leg. There is also the custom bot route you can try. Building a bot focusing on the features you only want is probably better and that way you have full control.
  6. aymenbnr

    In which keyword tool i should trust ?

    I use kwfinder, i used plenty before it, but none came close. It has all the features that i need.
  7. aymenbnr

    Edu email review copy

    I'll get a review copy. Looks legit.
  8. aymenbnr

    Auto register/create blogs?

    there is plenty of web automation tools that you can try: imacros, ubot studio, zenno poster, botchief, or you can give a try! It's up and coming in the web automation scene (and yes I'm the owner)
  9. aymenbnr

    What to expect...

    scam became art in today's world! scammers can come up with amazing stories that can make you tear up! It could be legit, and it could be total BS to screw you over! Make sure to research them, and always protect your assets, never hand over any sensitive data about your business untill the deal...
  10. aymenbnr

    Best DM bot?

    Go for a custom bot, Tiktok is fairly new to the game so you won't see a lot of options! Make your own, or get someone to do it for you, that's how i would do it!
  11. aymenbnr

    [WTB] Spotify Bot

    I make a bot for Spotify all the time, hit me up if you still need a bot done for what you requested!
  12. aymenbnr

    Sneaker Bot Developer

    Hit me up if you still need a bot done! I built my own bot builder framework, so i know a thing or two about botting!
  13. aymenbnr

    Crystal Blue PBN Has Backlinks From Top 20 Alexa News Sites like, nytimes.c

    can you send me the promo coupon code? I'd like to test this out!
  14. aymenbnr

    Italian BHWers!

    He never mentioned that he is new, he just said hello, LOL, what's wrong with that?? Lose the attitude, lighten up :)
  15. aymenbnr

    Favorite Bots of 2020

    "Custom Bot" means you have to make the bot yourself, following your own idea, using bot building tools, or using programming languages like Python or C#.
  16. aymenbnr

    ⏩ CROWDO LINKS ⭐ TOP for 2024 ⭐ 20%OFF for New Clients ✅ Trusted by hundreds of BHW members ✅ Up to 92 DA ✅ Sites with REAL traffic ⚡️ From $6/ link

    I just received a review copy! This is certainly not your usual type of links! I"m certainly impressed by the quality and the research that was made! Domains themselves are high quality and the links placed naturally inside the content! Recommended service !
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