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  1. deviatus

    Dogecoin rising fast! Invest!!!

    Dogecoin has a good community, but it's not an innovative altcoin and started as a joke. The initial hype died out, and I don't see anything around the corner. People are pulling out. I'm into vertcoin, mintcoin, nxt, and huntercoin right now.
  2. deviatus

    Total Economic Collapse in Q1 2014

    Most outlook projections I see for 2014 and the 10 year projections indicate steady slow growth. Bloomberg, CBO, Kiplinger, etc.. It was more back in 2009-10 that we were really fearing another big recession/depression.
  3. deviatus

    Say Good Bye to the Internet

    I wonder who the first to hack the outernet's WIFI will be? Imagine that data..
  4. deviatus

    Total Economic Collapse in Q1 2014

    I think it's much more likely we'll have a mild stock market boom and bust cycle, but even more likely we'll continue to experience steady but slow growth in the economy for years. We just had a global recession and it's a little too early to say we are back in the Roaring 1920's again.
  5. deviatus

    Total Economic Collapse in Q1 2014

    Doomsaying is a whole industry in itself. I thought you guys were marketers, you can't see this? The salesmanship that goes into saying collapse is inevitable year after year isn't convincing.
  6. deviatus

    Habits of the World's Wealthiest People (Infographic)

    I enjoyed that, but only 9% of poor believe bad habits have a negative impact? Seems not true. They're poor not retarded.
  7. deviatus

    Where to start as someone who knows little to nothing?

    Check out
  8. deviatus

    Best method for passive income?

    Part-timers tend not to do well with IM. There's so many full timers that burn out even with decent money to invest. If you don't have much time as it is and want to make it, say goodbye to any social life.
  9. deviatus

    Pump and dump

    Good luck with that in the year 2014.
  10. deviatus

    What is the best country to live in?

    If you're wealthy = The US. Has the most options money can buy. If you're not = Any Scandinavian country. Has the most options for the not well-off.
  11. deviatus

    Is Reddit Traffic Worth It?

    The Reddit community is more savvy than most. If you have something worthy to share, it's definitely worth it, but the more spammy it is, the less it's worth your time.
  12. deviatus

    How did you do in 2013 compared to 2012?

    The year's almost over and it might be useful for us to recap a bit, especially those of us who have been doing IM for a while. I've made roughly the same in 2012 and 2013, but I've had some friends straight up leave IM this year, unlike any other year. I've had to spend a less time...
  13. deviatus

    Post your reaction to the tweets of Matt Cutts

    Let's just be happy Cutts puts out info.. even if half of it is disinfo. It'd be much worse if we didn't even know his name.
  14. deviatus

    best way to rank and make money?

    I've found ranking today costs much more money and takes much less work. Building crap links with bots used to be all you had to do, now it's just good for generating link/anchor diversity. Paid homepage and blog posts are where it's at.
  15. deviatus

    Making money online?

    $8000 to buy a race car? What are you 12? Wrong attitude, you're not going to make shit online.
  16. deviatus

    Your favorite war movie

    Platoon Thin Red Line is way underrated Black Hawk Down overrated
  17. deviatus

    How Much Have You Guys Been scammed Since You've Started IM?

    Honestly can't think of anything and I've been doing this for a long time. I follow the "if it sounds too good to be true" rule.
  18. deviatus

    Have you ever offset guilt with profit?

    Marketing in general is pretty scummy and based on deception. I donate some to Red Cross or UNICEF whenever big natural disasters happen, just recently to the typhoon in the Philippines. Feels good.
  19. deviatus

    Argentina Riots - Looting, killing,violence anarchy [ Graphic]

    Worse stuff happens in the States when we go Black Friday shopping or when our sports teams win or lose... it's not just about poverty.
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