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  1. what_hat?

    ⚡ Buy Google edu emails ⚡Affordable price ⚡ Cheap Prices ⚡ Fast Delivery ⚡ for Google Drive and Another Platform ⚡

    Hey @indianmojojojo do any of your email accounts work for microsoft azure and github student? I'd be interested if they do, thanks!
  2. what_hat?

    Buy edu emails at affordable price

    Free review copy please, I'd love to see if this service works for Microsoft Azure / Github
  3. what_hat?

    Nobody answers very important friends

    You got it all wrong. First you make money and only then we let you become a Freemason
  4. what_hat?

    [Journey] Established Authority Site to $10k/month

    Best of luck @jaymaybe and one piece of advice. If you have never outsourced content creation before, keep in mind you'll end up rewritting everything you buy, no matter how well you specify the job to be done. This is normal. There are plenty of guides online with tips on how to do this, but I...
  5. what_hat?

    BHW activity

    @Sami Mirza Like @idealu I also lurked BHW for 3 or 4 years before I felt like I had somehthing worth saying, and not until then I registered
  6. what_hat?

    Is it possible to sell things I do not own and make money?

    Look up 'affiliate marketing' and 'dropshipping'
  7. what_hat?

    [Nargil's Premium Domains] - For Money Sites & PBNs - 1000+ Satisfied Customers

    Well, another awesome domain that I've bought from @Nargil Clean history, good backlink profile and cheap price all things considered. The transaction went supersmooth and he was very helpful Thank you again for everything!
  8. what_hat?

    I dare you to paste the last thing you copied.

    Updates have been submitted and can take up to 5 days to display
  9. what_hat?

    [Nargil's Premium Domains] - For Money Sites & PBNs - 1000+ Satisfied Customers

    Could you please PM me the full premium list with the domains, thanks!
  10. what_hat?

    High Metrics Premium Expired Domains Names At Cheap Rates

    I'm looking for a niche specific domain. Could you please send me your list of domains?
  11. what_hat?

    Domains for PBN - no spam and trash backlinks

    Hi @ziy1978 I'm glad you are healthy again. Could you please send me your domain list? Thanks!
  12. what_hat?

    SEO/PBN Domains. Great Quality & Reputation. Huge Variety

    Can I see your domain list, please?
  13. what_hat?

    Powerful Domains For PBNs or Moneysites [BIG SALE - UP TO 50% OFF]

    Could you please send me your domain list? Thank you!
  14. what_hat?

    Best software to test wordpress locally.

    I also like XAMPP. Haven't tried the alternatives though
  15. what_hat?

    25x Google | 11x Amazon | 2x Reddit | Do-Follow Backlinks

    Can you please send me samples along with the discount code? Thanks!
  16. what_hat?

    Changing an info site into an e-commerce? Effects on SEO?

    Why would you want to change your perfectly good and already ranking content? should be just that, a page about the 5 best iphone cases, only now you are selling your own cases, not amazon's. And it should also be linking to But no...
  17. what_hat?

    Should I make backlinks to my web 2.0 also as tier two links?

    Yes, you should:
  18. what_hat?

    Quick Tactics For a NONE Competitive Keyword

    If your keyword is not competitive you should be somewhere between position 30 and 50 only with your onpage optimization. Maybe even in the second page. Keep working on that before you start your linkbuilding effort. You should see a lot of improvement. And then...
  19. what_hat?


    I heard @jefis spreadsheet is over 1370 lines long already:
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