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  1. springer98

    The Most Advanced WP Plugin For Getting Masses of Free Viral Traffic To Your Website

    Hiya folks. Although I haven't previously posted in this thread, I am part of the NetBomber Team and I'd like to thank everyone who has purchased and used the plugin successfully. Although it still works just fine and is being supported into the future, it is no longer for sale. The OP of...
  2. springer98

    [] What Song is Stuck in Your Head Right Now?
  3. springer98

    Exclusive BHW - My Twisted Autoblog Method - Complete Video Series

    Everybody get their posting problems fixed? My problem turned out to be several crashed database tables. Went into phpmyadmin and repaired them and everything is restored and back to normal. Posting as usual, too.
  4. springer98

    Exclusive BHW - My Twisted Autoblog Method - Complete Video Series

    Don't know how many of ya's are hosted on HostGator but I had 3 sites lose all their posts and pages. (The rest are OK) Just chatted with a tech at HG and there's some kind of server problem they're working on now. He said my sites ought to be back shortly but couldn't say exactly when. May or...
  5. springer98

    another michael jackson rumor.

    I admit it, I made that video so I could flip I bought the domain on a whim and now I need some fast cash.
  6. springer98

    Figured out why GMail doesn't take captchas (I think)

    Hell, you could be right. With the google, who knows? I have a couple of theories, myself. Can I prove them? Not really. It's just stuff I've found, like you did, that seems to work for me. Whether it's because it's true or just because I'm wearing my tin-foil hat, remains to be seen. My...
  7. springer98

    ClickBank = Waste of Time

    :D :D :D :D Y'know... the OP is right, CB is shit and no one ought to ever promote anything from there. There is absloutely ZERO money to be made from it.
  8. springer98

    Looking for MASSIVE Amount of Gold/platinium/palladium Scrap/Bullion/dust/flake

    This reminded me of something I read a long time ago... There was this guy who, like you, wanted to collect dust and scraps of precious metals. He got the idea to supply places that created this scrap and dust with free sisal mats. Sisal is that rough, brown stuff that old fashioned door mats...
  9. springer98

    Has anyone ever seen a sentence "reverser"

    I don't know about backwards but what about upside down? ...uɐɯ ʎ1ǝuo1 ɐ ʍou sı ʞɔıp .dn ǝɔɐɟ ɹǝɥ sǝdɐɹɔs puɐ s11ɐɟ ǝɥs puɐ ǝuɐظ sdıɹʇ ʞɔıp .ʞɔıp uɐɥʇ ɹǝʇsɐɟ buıuunɹ sı ǝuɐظ .unɹ ǝuɐظ puɐ ʞɔıp ǝǝs .ǝuɐظ puɐ ʞɔıp ǝǝs It...
  10. springer98

    Was BHW Down ??

    Obviously, the Sales Guy caused the problem
  11. springer98

    Why Marriages Fell Apart In The Old Days

    Oh they're real... some of us have lived long enough to recall when these were standard advertising fare. And they think what we do now is bad?! GEEZ!
  12. springer98

    Why Marriages Fell Apart In The Old Days

    In certain parts of the world, it is not only NOT illegal, it's encouraged. :D
  13. springer98

    December 21, 2012

    I guessing they didn't have a lot to do and decided to watch the stars as a way to fend off boredom.
  14. springer98

    December 21, 2012

    I'm guessing whomever owns has the same idea. :rolleyes: If all these people who're predicting the end of the world are so good at seeing into the future, why haven't any of them picked winning lottery numbers yet?
  15. springer98

    Secure an ebook? Stop it being shared? etc??

    Maybe this will do what you're looking for... I haven't used it and it's not free but it might be worth the investment. Could be, a talented coder could figure out how it works and make his own. ;)
  16. springer98

    Get a site banned out of google

    Just asking this question demonstrates you're not experienced enough to not get caught. What you're asking about is illegal in nearly every country in the world and you WILL get caught. Focus on more productive ways to promote your site to the top of the SERPs than by screwing with your...
  17. springer98

    Found a Craigslist method... Check it out.

    Look again, they don't collect your email. My guess is they're selling the name/address/phone as vacation or timeshare leads. BTW, that is one of the worst landing pages/sites I've seen in some time. The concept is good but the delivery sucks.
  18. springer98

    North Korea says the will destroy the US!

    They have a 3G network but the few people who can actually afford it are only allowed access to the official Korean Central News Agency. The Republic of Korea, commonly known as South Korea, has the fastest D/L speed at 19.6Mbs.
  19. springer98

    Michael Jackson dead ?

    GEEZ! What a whack job! Sure he could sing and dance... once, but so can a lot of other people. A legend? I don't think so, unless pedophilia becomes something to be proud of. I really can't say I'm sad to see him go. He should really be remembered for being born a poor, black boy and growing...
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