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  1. Jcsarokin

    [WTH] 10 Second Intro Video (After Effects)

    Need someone with skills in after effects to create a 10 second intro video. I have all the assets necessary to execute the project. PM or reply if you're able to do this and we can talk more via skype or gchat. Thanks - J
  2. Jcsarokin

    [WTH] Need 100 Manual Accounts Created

    I need someone to create 100 accounts on a website (pm for details) using unique IP's for each account. All that's required is username & password, no captcha or email verification needed. If interested, shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  3. Jcsarokin

    Hiring Experienced iOS Developer

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to have a simple iOS app developed by an experienced iOS dev. I will be providing all the designs, so all you would need to do is code it. The app is a simple messaging app - where users can: - Signup w/ email & password or Facebook connect. - Update their 'status'...
  4. Jcsarokin

    Elite Private Proxies by SquidProxies - Guaranteed Working - Exclusive BHW Discount

    Just purchased 20 proxies - got them instantly! Great price great service :)
  5. Jcsarokin

    [wth] Someone to Build a Website Scraping Bot

    I need a programmer to develop a simple website scraping bot. The bot will need to navigate to the inner page of a website, scrape an email address + post title and then repeat. The bot will probably also need to rotate IP's or use a VPN. Please PM / Skype if you can do this. Thanks
  6. Jcsarokin

    [WTH] Bulk Email Inboxing & A/B Testing

    I have a large email list and I would like to inbox 10-30k emails per day (more if possible) for a long period of time. I have multiple email title's / body's and would like to track which are most effective (open rates, etc.) before going full scale. You can use any software you'd like...
  7. Jcsarokin

    Need Manual Email Form Submissions

    I need someone to manually send out emails via a website submission form. I have the message pre-written, it just needs to be sent over and over to a lot of users. Very simple work. More details via PM or Skype.
  8. Jcsarokin

    [JV] Do you have high volume inventory and shipping capabilities? I can bring sales.

    I'm looking for a few people (resellers) who have have a large inventory of physical products for sale and the ability to successfully ship those items across the US if they are sold. If you can handle that - I would be able to find / bring leads to purchase those items. Please PM or Skype me...
  9. Jcsarokin

    Looking for someone to create accounts (w/ diff IP) on multiple social networks

    I'm looking for someone who can create 10-25 accounts for a few (2-3) different social networks. Each account needs to be created w/ a different IP and clear cookies. PM me if you can do this - I'll tell you the social networks and then you can give me a price / account. Thanks
  10. Jcsarokin

    Custom Forum Scraper / Email Collector

    Awesome work!
  11. Jcsarokin

    HostStage - 10 GBPS NEXT GEN WINDOWS VPS | Seo Tools Ready From $6.71 ONLY

    Just bought a level 3 - waiting for setup. HostStage - Invoice #202912 Order Number: 4501572069
  12. Jcsarokin

    Custom Forum Scraper / Email Collector

    Hey Guys, I need a quick forum scraper to collect / create an email list of a specific forum. I have a forum in mind which is setup in a way that should allow for easy scraping. The forum has a marketplace, and each listing contains an "Email" button which opens that users email. The email...
  13. Jcsarokin

    [WTH] Freelancer to build "manycam" like software

    I need a simple virtual webcam software built (Similar to Manycam or Wirecast)... If your familiar with what this entails, please contact me for a more detailed description of what I need built. PM for fastest response.
  14. Jcsarokin

    [WTH] Need articles found & spun

    I need some articles (specific niche) found, and then spun. If you can do this, pm or email me. Include price.
  15. Jcsarokin

    What merchant account is this company using

    Yeah, paypal is used by most of the smaller organizations. Solid suggestion, but I don't want to use paypal for that reason and it also doesnt give me some options I need for what im doing that the processor their using does.
  16. Jcsarokin

    What merchant account is this company using

    I'm looking to buy a merchant account / donation processing system for a charity I'm starting. If anyone could help point me in the right direction that would be awesome.
  17. Jcsarokin

    Need an article writer / content collector

    I need quite a few articles about cancer and cancer research . PM / AIM me if you can write these articles for me. English is very important. If you want to scrape and then spin other articles thats fine, but I will be paying a different (lower) price.
  18. Jcsarokin

    I just spent $250,000 today.. The maximum exposure!

    How exactly does your logo translate into "calls"? Is your number on the car? Usually (at least from what I know) the people who advertise using just their logo are established brands that an average person would recognize. Great idea if it works =)
  19. Jcsarokin

    Looking for person to respond to CL posts

    Been away from BH stuff for a while, so I don't know if theirs software that does this or what. I need someone to respond to CL posts in the nonprofit section on a mass level. Please PM me or IM me if you can do this. Thanks.
  20. Jcsarokin

    Need animated demo video made!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get an animated demo video made for my "startup". Basically the goal would be to illustrate the script I wrote (and will have a voiceover for). I'd say it would be a mixture of text and moving graphics. If you can do this please PM me your potfolio. I need to see...
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