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  1. thegladiator

    Want a Scraping Application

    Hello people, I am looking for someone who can create a script/application to extract search result number from Google for a keyword mentioned and do it in loop for multiple keywords. If you can help me, PM me with your price. Regards thegladiator HADAKUMULLAH
  2. thegladiator

    Whatsapp BOTs (BlackSanta)

    Hey Black Santa, I am interested in beta testing your bot. We already have few software that we use to do Whatsapp marketing and if you can create a bot with the features listed above, I will be glad to try it and give you an honest review about it and will buy it as well. Regards...
  3. thegladiator

    Free Unlimited backlinks from my Blog to Everyone

    Interested OP. Nice giveaway. You are cool Regards, thegladiator HADAKUMULLAH
  4. thegladiator

    Unlimited YouTube Likes Script!

    What is the approximate number of views you expect in 12/24 hours. Please update OP Regards, thegladiator HADAKUMULLAH
  5. thegladiator

    NapsteR's Magazine Style Authority Wesbites - 2000+ Words Articles - Earn $$$$ P/M

    Hey Napster, Can I have a look at the demo site? Regards, thegladiator HADAKUMULLAH
  6. thegladiator

    ADSENSE MONEY MAKERS!! Join the team & Make Regular Income from Adsense!!Free SEO Guide!

    Hey king maker, demo site please. Regards, thegladiator HADAKUMULLAH
  7. thegladiator

    Learn Share trading for Indians (Not a guide, just helpful info)

    You are trading in real life or just in the game? thegladiator HADAKUMULLAH
  8. thegladiator


    Is there none in the bhw to give some input to solve my problem?
  9. thegladiator


    Thank for your input Zwielict Actually these are not one word keywords. Each keyword is either 2 words or more. I can produce good content for each keyword and also variate it a bit to target more keywords. However, I am planning to make a website with at least 100 articles within 2 months time...
  10. thegladiator


    any help is appreciated fellow BHWers Regards, thegladiator HADAKUMULLAH
  11. thegladiator


    Hello BHWers, You are great helpers and no one can deny that. On BHW there so many wonderful and knowledgeable people and ready to help. I am trying to make one authority website to start my IM life after many ups and downs positives and negatives. I did some keyword research using Market...
  12. thegladiator

    Most Powerful High PA/DA Web2.0 ServiceDiversity TLDs,niche Relevant,100% Unique article

    So OP you mean you will provide 30 web2.0 X 6 post on each web2.0 totaling it to 180 articles? Is that the service about and if yes how many unique articles are you going to use and those unique articles will be provided by the client (compulsion) or you have your own writers to do it. Further...
  13. thegladiator

    Earn extra $1000-5000 from Amazon. Get Actionable Easy Keywords for FREE [GIVEAWAY]

    Very few people give back to the community but the number of people giving back to BHW is tremendous. You are doing an awesome job mate. I'd like to be in if the offer is still valid. Thank you thegladiator
  14. thegladiator

    Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims in BHW .

    Eid Mubarak to the Middle East and the West. For the East, it is one more day of fasting. We have Eid tomorrow. HADAKUMULLAH
  15. thegladiator

    [My 1000th post] - I give you..

    1000th post Troll :D HADAKUMULLAH
  16. thegladiator

    VPN - Hide My Ass

    Writing google reviews for your clients :) HADAKUMULLAH
  17. thegladiator

    Don't Order from KIMI... Worst Service Provider.. False Promises.. Liar..

    Hello, I was a VA for Kimi. I created web2.0 Blogs for him. The amount we both agreed on for creating 100 web2.0 blog account was $20. I had created 135 web2.0 blogs for him. He kept on promising me that he will pay and as soon as possible. He said he is refunding a lot and hence I was patient...
  18. thegladiator

    Article Writer Needed

    I am in. Sent you a message on Skype. Please check HADAKUMULLAH
  19. thegladiator

    $8/hour - Create Webhosting Accounts

    PM sent. Please check HADAKUMULLAH
  20. thegladiator

    Do you want to be part of my SEO team? Manual Link Builders For Hire - Long Term

    Hello, Sent you a PM. Please check. HADAKUMULLAH
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