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    Fill your Adsense Coffer in 2017 with Micro Niche Websites - Updated SEO Guide!

    Hi Luhasr, Mind sending me a few samples? I'd be interested in ordering at least 20. Maybe 1 to start with to test. :) Thanks.
  2. theRanker

    Google update just now? 10/4?

    Does anyone know where Matt Cutts lives? I'd like to give him a "first class" punch in his cute belly.
  3. theRanker

    ScrapeBox Proxies 1/2k Google Passed Daily LifeTime Sub 100% Feedback

    Would like to sign up the midnight list Proxygo, thanks.
  4. theRanker

    ScrapeBox Proxies 1/2k Google Passed Daily LifeTime Sub 100% Feedback

    hey proxygo, I'd like to join your list of happy customers! Thank you!
  5. theRanker


    hey Roman, Can you send me some samples of the links you build? I'd like to check the article quality. Also I love your site and the way the order forms work, it's so beautiful. Do you guys use any software in particular? Thanks a lot.
  6. theRanker

    HostStage - 10 GBPS NEXT GEN WINDOWS VPS | Seo Tools Ready From $6.71 ONLY

    Try the live chat man. Either Vincent or other people on the team always online to help. I'm running GSA, Scrapebox on my level 4 VPS with them and it's just amazing. Thank you Vincent for an awesome service again!
  7. theRanker

    GSA Search Engine Ranker - Extremely Powerful Linkbuilding Software (Free 5 Day Trial)

    After having GSA for about 2 weeks and buying GSA CB today I gotta say something: "If you don't buy GSA Software especially GSA SER today you are a superrrrrr dumb noobish person". Buy now before Santos changes his mind and decides to raise the price to something like $100/month. You can live...
  8. theRanker

    100 scrapebox proxies

    You are a serious God send proxygo. You seem to be like a computer working by the clock. Freaking amazing.
  9. theRanker

    Proxy List - Fresh Worldwide Proxy Lists Starting $4.99/mo

    I can't login anymore. What's wrong? I sent a message to support.
  10. theRanker

    HostStage - 10 GBPS NEXT GEN WINDOWS VPS | Seo Tools Ready From $6.71 ONLY

    Just got my account. Awesome speed, awesome support, awesome prices. These guys know what they are doing. Thumbs up Vincent! We talked via support chat yesterday. :D
  11. theRanker

    HostStage - 10 GBPS NEXT GEN WINDOWS VPS | Seo Tools Ready From $6.71 ONLY

    Hi, I'm very interested in this since you guys come very recommended on BHW. But not sure if you guys are saying SEO tools are already installed or we have to install our own? If they come installed which software come installed? Thank you.
  12. theRanker

    New Godaddy coupon.

    Of course you can use Paypal with Godaddy. :)
  13. theRanker

    100 scrapebox proxies

    Wow man. I noticed you now post your proxies more than once in 24 hours. I really appreciate it man! Your proxies work really well even if just for a short amount of time. I'm sure many others appreciate it too. Thanks man!!! God bless!
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    Exclusive Russian Filter + Bonus Beginners Guide!

    Hi d3tox, $12 is not a problem for me. But the only thing I really need help with would be the payment. I seriously don't want to put my real cc info in SAPE. Is there a way around this? And if so do you teach in your guide? Thank you.
  15. theRanker

    Alright, one noob question about SEO

    Nah. Not at all or if yes to the smallest degree that you won't even be able to notice man. Build backlinks instead!!!!! Don't waste your time!!!
  16. theRanker

    Ahrefs: Lost backlinks? How did it happen?

    It means the backlinks were present on those pages at some time in the past but when the robots crawled them again they were not present anymore. Simply "lost".
  17. theRanker

    I'm finally JR VIP too!!! Like the blue!!!

    Bye bye yellows! Here I come blues!! I'm so happy to finally be blue. :) Hope to become a highly contributing member to the BHW community!
  18. theRanker

    how do i recover from bad linking result ?

    If it's a youtube video, don't you have it on the domain? I thought for domains like that you can't get penalized even with tons of links?
  19. theRanker

    Use GSA With Reputation Management

    GSA Search Engine Ranker. The owner sells the software right here on BHW and is amazing with support and updates.
  20. theRanker

    Proxy List - Fresh Worldwide Proxy Lists Starting $4.99/mo

    Still showing maintenance message to me. It's been more than a few days...
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