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    How long do you last in bed?

    I've lasted 1 hour and a half during intercourse, but it's not because I'm skilled or anything though. It's because it's nearly impossible from me to get me off during intercourse. Usually my girl just finishes me off with her hands when she gets done, or else we'd be there awhile.
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    Web Traffic Rat - Quality Website Traffic at Just $12 per 10000!!

    Just sent you some cash leena. Will do a review once I start receiving the traffic.
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    A Utah Judge Sentences Man To... Firing Squad!

    Not hardly. Crime rates are still high in third world countries with harsh punishments and even more interesting is the fact that violent crime rates are higher in states with the death penalty.
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    How Much Is My Website Worth?

  5. rubberband

    Does anyone here use electronic cigarettes.

    I used them. I looked around on a forum for reviews, the one Wiz just posted, and ended up buying one from puresmoker[dot]com. (No relation to that site) The flavors were actually amazing. I smoked peach and banana for about a week. However, I noticed that it made my teeth taste/feel like...
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    Federal Prison in the USA

    False. You can put as much fake information as you want. It only becomes illegal when you commit a crime with that domain. This is prime example of why you should never take legal advice from someone on the internet.
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    What's The Least Complicated Way To Do This...

    Here's a complete guide for you:
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    Considering buying an autopilot/automated site. Is this smart?

    Yes, there are some legit sites selling on flippa that are automated. I would never sell a site making a few hundred a month with no work, but I occasionally do sell a small site if I need some quick cash, which a lot of other people do too. Your best best is to verify everything that you can ...
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    What percentage do you wind up paying?

    Warren Buffet made $46,000,000 in 2006 and was complaining because he only had to pay 17.7% percent in taxes (and he said that was even without trying to cheat them). His secretary who only made $60,000 had to pay 30%.
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    Why would you Flip sites?

    Think of it this way: I build a site for $30 bucks and it also earns me roughly $30 a month. I then sell that site for $250 and after listing fees. I'm left with $210. Now I have enough money to build 7 more sites than can earn me $30 a month. At the very least, I could just outsource most of...
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    Epic Beard Man INTERVIEWED!!!

    He could have easily meant that she died two days before. Plus, being a Vietnam vet, he's probably not all there in the first place.
  12. rubberband

    Epic Beard Man INTERVIEWED!!!

    He doesn't have to say so, it's exactly what happened. The white guy wasn't even talking to the black guy. The black guy just heard something about shoe shining and then accused the white guy of racism. The white guy tells him thats not what he meant and the black guy kept on at him.
  13. rubberband

    I gotta say, i really love artisteer.....

    Instead of manually doing it, I think you could just use 'find & replace all' in a text editor. Like so: art- ---> [blank] //for the css file .art- ---> . & ="art- ---> =" //for the template files
  14. rubberband

    I gotta say, i really love artisteer.....

    I love it too. I usually just use it to get a good framework, then go in and add tweaks that Artisteer can't do. My only complaint is that I hate how they put 'Art-' in front of all the css classes/id's.
  15. rubberband

    Flippa - How do we get paid?

    This should probably go in the 'Site Flipping' section. It's up to you and the buyer to arrange the payment and transfer of the website. Flippa is not involved in it at all (which sucks because they should have some sort of escrow service). Contact the buyer and give him/her your PayPal address.
  16. rubberband

    Schools Spying On Students Via Web-Cams

    This. I still point mine towards the wall when I'm not using it. I remember the old days of the sub7 trojan where you could watch people's webcams.
  17. rubberband

    BHW needs Joint Venture Forum

    Jesus H. Christ...
  18. rubberband

    Who is into Site Flipping

    I am, although I don't actually do it full time yet. I prefer the long term approach. I usually work on a couple of sites in my spare time for a few months and then sell them.
  19. rubberband

    Site flipping section in "making money"

    Thanks Dave! I'm super excited about this for some reason.
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